Saturday, July 7, 2012

Strange Addictions

Has anyone ever watched that show?  Strange Addictions.  It's top notch bizarro!  I wouldn't recommend it and am slightly embarrassed to have admitted seeing it.   It's basically about some crazy people with the most ridiculous additions.  For example:  I'm addicted to drinking gasoline.  Or, I can't stop eating laundry soap.  One nut job drinks her own urine!  They just keep getting more ridiculous but my absolute favorite episode was "I'm addicted to acting like a baby."  I laughed for 3 days.  This chic slept in a crib, sucked on a pacifier, and wore a diaper!  That's good TV right there.  You just can't script this stuff.

Anyways, I know this is a random topic but I can't help but think of it when I see Stella waddle around the house with her current strange addiction.  I feel (kinda) like I'm on that show.  Please don't judge.....

Stella is addicted to wearing shoes on her hands.

Getting in position

Oh, hey mom.  Can I help you?

That picture may have made you smile or even LOL, but she takes it even further than that cuteness.  We are talking about flip flops as bracelets and high tops as mittens.  She likes Gage's work shoes all the way up to her shoulders (which makes it VERY difficult to hold her balance while walking BTW) and she adores crawling with my wedges on her front paws. Of course, taking them away from her is a full blown tantrum.  So please don't do it, okay?  I'm at peace with her addiction. 

She actually DOES like shoes on her feet as well, believe it or not.  In Stella's perfect world, there would be a pair on her feet and a pair on her hands 24/7.  Last night she insisted on sleeping with her little pink shoe.

She's dead serious. 

Goodnight Stella.  Goodnight Moon.  Goodnight....shoe? 

The pair of shoes that she gets the MOST excited to see is her cousin, Marlow's, crocs.  Oh man, she loves those things.  I think she loves the way they slip on (her hands) so easily and are just the right size and weight to walk around with. (Am I really writing about this?)  Honestly, Stella is so completely confident with her strange addiction, as if there is nothing weird about it whatsoever.  Maybe she's just a shoe girl.

Here's a pic of her watching morning cartoons with her big sis and acting like nothing is out of the ordinary at all.

Stella Rose, I promise to support whatever weird crap you want to do in life.  If you want to wear shoes on your hands, Mama will buy you the most sparkly shoes with the best opening for your fist and I will personally rhinestone them.  You rock those shoe mitts, baby girl!  It won't be long and ALL the babies will be wanting to join the trend.

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