Thursday, July 12, 2012

Slick Select Sammy

It is far too late to be up, let alone blogging but my brain is over stimulated and the thoughts need to be released. This past day has been eventful enough (and don't get me started on tomorrow) but I think my mind is mostly consumed by the events over the last few weeks, revolving around my precious little dude.  My baseball player.

Earlier this week Sammy completed his third try-out this season for a select baseball team.  He wanted it so badly.  Tomorrow I will attend auditions at ND and my heart goes out to each person who has worked so hard towards their goal.  That darn Empathy!  To the parents, I get it.  I so so so get it!

Let me allow you into my world....

Try-out #1:  UBA.  Ultimate Baseball Academy.  Sammy played fall ball for them last year and they are, lets face it, the best league.  We pulled up to this cattle call in the 105 degree heat and waited in line to register him for the tryout.  That should have been red flag #1.  Waiting in line?  Seriously?  Sam was so nervous he almost cried.  Red flag #2 would have been that we had to turn in a $250 check.  JIC (just in case) he makes a team.  The 3 hour try-out was hard core but we expected that part.  Sam did awesome.  He gave it 110% and that's all we could ask for.  Oh, forgot to mention red flag #3 (and, by far, the brightest and biggest flag of them all) was that this team costs $2,500.  Yes, you saw that right.  For one season.  Thanks for the experience and see ya never.

The tears started as soon as he got in the car.  He wanted this one bad.  Once I told him the price (bad mom!) he knew that it was not in the right ball park (pun, of course, intended) and I could almost hear his heart break.  I wanted to retract what I just said but Gage covered my butt by telling him we will just see what happens.  Seriously, why didn't I think of that?

Result:  Didn't make it and we were relieved.  Not that we would have pulled the (when it's all said and done) 3K out of our butts but it seemed much easier this way.

The next day was MAA (Millard) try-outs.  Sammy wanted to go but we talked him out of it.  Lord have mercy, I needed a break already.

Try-out #2:  KWAA.  Kingswood Athletic Association.  A complete long shot.  Sammy has played In-house ball for KWAA for the last several years and it's a great league.  Our favorite.  There is ONE select team for 11 year olds and the coach of that team said they will "maybe" take a few more players.  My immediate thought was, he had no shot in hell.  He wanted the experience anyway.  Bless his heart.

Sam had an amazing tryout and walked away with no expectations.  What a great attitude to have when you later receive a phone call for a call back!  At that point, he was just so happy to have been noticed but was really trying to play it cool.  But really, how do you not get so excited when you can almost taste it!?  We then found out that they were looking to fill 3 spots on the team and Sammy was on the "short list."

He went to the call back and was told he would hear by 8pm that night.  When 8pm rolled around, Sammy was asking us a ton of questions..."why haven't they called?" "what do you think this mean?"  "are they waiting for other kids to answer first?"  Break. My. Heart!  At 9pm the tears started.

Result:  exactly what we expected.

Sam's last play with the Kingswood Giants.  What a stud.

Try-out #3:  Ralston. 

*side note to my fellow Cougars:  I understand that you probably cringed just now when you read that.  I did too at first.  Please understand that for the sake of my son, I decided to put my own HS rival issues aside and haul his butt into Ram territory. 

He had another great tryout and, as expected, cried afterwards.  He was feeling the pressure at this one for sure.  He just melts the tiny pieces of my heart that he has already broken.

Result:  Baby boy got a spot on the team!

Sammy is super excited and I'm so proud of him.  I'm not going to lie, it will take some getting used to, being a Ralston fan now.  The Cougar pride in me wants to chant "We love God" to the Rams but I've gained 12 years of maturity and I know I can refrain.  I will NOT be a crazy baseball mom but I can't promise that I won't be wearing a jersey with my son's number on it.

In resisting everything I've ever thought about Ralston, Go RAMS!

Now we plan on taking a minor break from baseball because (tackle!) football starts next week!  Please pray for my skinny runt.  I feel like peeing my pants at the thought of him in pads and getting drilled by kids twice his size.  We decided against playing fall baseball mainly because his season with Ralston starts in January!  They will play somewhere around 45 games (yikes!) and will play all over the city with a little traveling.  Love my sportsman.

I'm a proud, overstimulated momma tonight.  Goodnight all.  (I hope)

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  1. You are such a sweet mama! Select sports are so hard and costly. I had all 3 of mine on separate teams this spring and it almost broke me- it was soo much travel and practice and competition. But in the end it was worth it, we learned lessons. We drove miles and miles and miles and gained lots of skill! Good luck in football.
    Bridget mckee