Monday, June 4, 2012

The whirlwind of 2012

I haven't had much time for blogging lately and facebook has become far too creepy for my taste but you may still be aware that I have rarely seen the outside of Burke High School since May 28th. 

The recital week is always good for tears of joy and sadness, mama drama at it's finest, delirium to the highest degree, sleep deprivation, more Starbucks and Juice Stop than I've had all year, and high flippin' quality entertainment.

There are waaaaayyy too many things I could blog about when hashing over the recital week...some appropriate, some not.  I've decided I'm only going to give you my "mom" prospective. 

Here it's goes.

Holly was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!  I balled like a baby in opening number.  It's an honor to be chosen to be in opening number and all NDC, NDPT, and JS get to be in it.  This was Holly's first year.  She has waited her whole life for this.  I'm really not kidding.  She has been more excited for opening number at the recital than she ever was for a competition.  She killed it! 

Holly's precious little Jumpstart group.  It was almost impossible to get them to take a "normal" picture

Intense listening to how the show will go down.  It's almost showtime!

Backstage and listening to the countdown!  T-minus 1 minute!  (a normal picture is insanity with this level of excitement)

Her JS dances were awesome as always and she got to do a ballet dance for the first time.  The song was "I can only Imagine" so you can only imagine the size of my tears as I watched her.  She was beautiful and had a blast!  Thank the Lord that her recital was #2 of 7.  I hadn't reached delirium yet so I was able to enjoy the whole show inspite my profuse sweating as I changed her 4 times and helped my baby classes get to where they needed to be during the show.  As crazy as it was, this was my favorite show hands down.

This 5th position just makes my heart smile

JS stars backstage for ballet.  Love them. :)

I'm psycho tired after 14 run through's of what is seriously the greatest show ever.  I love my people, I love my job, and I love every single thing about dance.  I can't help it. 

Holly had such a fantastic year and loved every second she was with her ND JS family.  I found myself waiting all year for her to tell me just one time that she didn't want to go.  That she wanted to skip dance for a Girl Scout field trip or birthday party.  She never did.  She ALWAYS picked dance. 

Summer break from dance didn't really sound all that great to Holly so thank goodness we only have to wait one whole week before try-outs for next year!

I'm going to miss these little Spiders!

Fancy Nancy's last time on the stage

The greatest tap teacher in the whole world.  (please don't tell her that I posted a picture of her)
At the end of the show, the girls threw on their funky fresh Nebraska Dance Recital T's and hit the stage for some final bows.  Always a great way to end.

Lining up for bows.  I never did get that normal picture.

Great show ladies!
What a year it's been.  Now it's 8:30 pm on Monday (our beloved teacher spa day) and my kids are in bed and I only have my eyes half open right now.  I hope spell check is working because the screen looks blurry to me.  I'm going to bed and hope to wake up 12 hours from now.  This week I hope to sleep a lot.  On a raft in the pool.  "Next year" starts "next week."  Good night!

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