Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh Happy (B) Day!

This is my last week in my 20's.  You know what that means.  It's almost here!  My 30th birthday!  It's not the actual day that excites me so much as the idea of no longer being in my 20's.  The 20's were a great ride with more life changing events than I can count but I will not miss them AT. ALL!!!!!

I suppose at this point in life, people have had lots of milestone birthday's but I really can't say that I have had a "best birthday ever."

Sweet 16?  Ha-ha.  Not so much.  No licence, no car, and a flop of a surprise party.  Don't worry, I'm over it.

Twenty?  Sounds cool to no longer be a teen but when you just had a baby there are more important things on your mind.

Twenty-one?  I hear that's suppose to be a fun one?  I went out to dinner with my fiance (yep), had my first glass of wine and hated it.

Twenty-five?  Half way to 30.  Some people get depressed at that thought but not this girl!  Couldn't tell ya what I did to celebrate though.

I really don't need a big party to ring in this next decade because the number 3-0 alone just makes me happy!  The thirty's are going to be great, I can feel it!  At the risk of sounding completely crazy, I'm excited to get this next decade rollin' because that pushes me that much closer to 40! 

Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful for the life I've lived through my 20's.  So what if we did things the non-traditional way and slightly out of order.  God still used every milestone for His glory.  While I would not recommend this order of life events: baby, engagement, college graduation, wedding, baby, purchase a house, law school, baby...God can still do His thing.  This path has made things more difficult at times but there's no where to go from here but UP!  When I think back through my 20's, I could cry happy and sad tears in an instant.  (oops just did). When I think about my 30's ahead I want to sing praises from my roof. 

My 20's were a time of testing and trails, I believe my 30's will be the era of hope and fruitfulness, my 40's, no doubt about it, will be pure sweetness.  50's?  Forget about it!  We are retiring on a lake (Gage says golf course but I'll fight till the death) and are going to travel the world.  Perhaps this is wishful thinking but just don't squash my dream on my birthday week, okay?  Thanks.

Not four siblings.  Mother and children.  The cool mom's where pink hats.

While I will say that money is over rated, not having any sucks bad.  With that said, cheers to time and money, cheers to family vacations, cheers to being home to make dinner for my family, cheers to more babies, cheers to buying a new (more spacious) house, cheers to being debt free, cheers to being madly in love with my best friend, CHEERS to being in the THIRTY'S and all this that awaits me in this decade!!!!  Happy birthday week to me!

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