Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Heel Toe Express

We have a new walker in our house.  She's tiny and crazy and loves to eat dog food.  Stella is her name and walking is her game.  So far, Stella has been rather advanced in all areas of life so I have no idea why she decided to be so unbelievably cautious about walking.  She started showing signs at 9 months but those signs never advanced past walking along furniture and standing alone until recently.  She started taking a few steps right around 12 months but again stayed at that pace until this week.  She now prefers to walk but gets very VERY ticked off when she falls.  It takes her a while to recover and when she does, she will "bear crawl" until she feels it's safe to stand and try again.  To each their own.

She still enjoys a good crawl every now and then so we can't stay she's a true walker just yet.  However, she loves walking back and forth to people and diving into your arms so we can cheer for her.  She gets so proud of herself. 

Now that we are past the sting of her first birthday, I'm ready for the full blown walking.  She's a toddler now and her little knees need a break!  I've tried keeping Baby Legs on her while she's outside on the concrete but her stick legs can't hold them up.  They end up looking more like Cindi Lauper ankle warmers.  Her cousin, Mayzie, does a MUCH better job at serving the correct purpose of Baby Legs.  We will have to pass them down (up?) to her.

Stella is such a girl when she walks.  Very careful and slow.  Just like when she eats, she is so dainty.  This girl was born with her pinky up.  While she does enjoy the Heel Toe Express, it's still just a game and not her top method of transportation.  In due time.

P.S. if you think Stella is wearing a cute outfit in this last video than I highly recommend you follow sophiasstyle on Instagram.  There is plenty more where that came from.

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