Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birthday recap

Even though I took zero pictures this weekend, I still want to document the greatness of my 30th Birthday.  If you don't care, I'll spare you the boredom and you can stop here.  If you love hearing about birthday's, please allow me to tell you about my best one yet....

I awoke the morning of June 16th to an alert on my blackberry that said "Kendall Jenner and Chris Harrison have tweets for you."  Get out!!!  I adore Kendall Jenner and LOVE OHCH (Our Host Chris Harrison)!!!!  Yes, I'm sure they send birthday tweets to all of their fans but I don't care!  That rocks!

I quickly got dressed without waking anyone in the house and hopped straight into my sister's car that was waiting in my driveway.  She had my new favorite drink ever (Caribou Coffee Turtle Latte) awaiting me along with the newest US Weekly mag.  She knows me well.  I hope it has pics of my new friends Kendall and Chris in it!  Then, off we were to the spa!

The spa was amazing.  We had super fancy facials and sat in the steam room that smelled like lavender.  After the facials, we met up with my favorite ladies for lunch.  Mom, sisters, and Holly.  It was sushi and hummus from 'Crave' to top off the afternoon.  Big time YUM!

I then arrived back at my pad to see some Jones Bros cupcakes on our table which we had WAY too much fun eating.  I then took a N.A.P.  It was like going to heaven on your birthday.

After nap time, I got fancy for a date with my hubster.  The date started with a trip to the mall where my funny man told me I could spend $30, one for each year of life.  The record should show that he didn't complain one time while I slowly strolled through the sales and just smiled at me when I definitely went over the $30 limit.  We then ate a restaurant more fancy than we could ever afford.  However, one of Gage's clients gave him a very generous gift card and we had a blast pretending to fit in.  I had the salmon and Gage ordered the crab legs which he clearly had no idea how to eat and has a bloody finger to prove it. 

We then headed back to pick up our kiddos at my sister's house to take them home and rent a family movie. 

NOT!  Why, of course, the house was full of family and friends ready to rock out the rest of the night with me!  Surprise!  Great conversation, great dance party (for the kids), great desserts, great people, great fun.  I took no pictures, but as always, played Instagram all day.  You can check me out @missycobb.  Also, fun pics of my kiddos @sophiasstyle.  Thank goodness for social media!  I was highly entertained all day by birthday wishes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  They definitely make your birthday more fun!  Thanks to everyone for the texts, gifts, party, spa, cards, tweets, gossip mags, dance parties, and hugs!  I loved it all!

Today, being Father's Day, topped of a great weekend.  Gage and Sam got to go to the CWS (poor Stoney Brook) and the girls and I went swimming while Gramps cooked some awesome food.  So far, the 30's are everything I had hoped they would be!

This week is VBS (hallelujah), steamy hot weather in the forecast, more CWS fun, and I promise to redeem myself with pictures.


  1. Awesome Blog Missy.. So glad that you had a wonderful birthday:)

  2. sounds like a wonderful day missy!! just found out i get to take a girl i babysitting to her summer dance classes... maybe I'll see you there?? oh and me and my mom just might be making an appearance in kathy's summer class!

    1. Oh man, Emily! I SOOOO hope I see you this summer and ESPECIALLY taking a tap class!