Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pre-Swim Lesson Hell

I believe I have mentioned before that my parents have a pool.  We swim there alot.  A LOT.  A few years ago my mom hired a swim teacher to come to her house for the kids.  She came about 3(?) times. She would have probably came more but Holly locked her out of the house and mooned her through the glass.  We never saw her again.

Thankfully, my kids know how to swim.  Well, kinda.  They will never drown in my parents pool, lets put it that way.  This year, my mom decided to have a different teacher come and teach the kids how to properly swim.  Today was the day.  Have Mercy.

Holly could barely sleep last night because she was so excited!  Melrose was equally excited and LOVES a good challenge.  Marlow Beans is a little fishy so naturally, she was stoked. The girls were never the problem.  Sam, however, told me soon as he heard the news that he WILL be sick today.  This should be fun.  Afterall, he does already know EVERYTHING.

In preperation for the lesson, I thought I would take the 4 kids out for a pre-swim to help contain their excitement (and convince Sam that he wasn't get out of it).  In a short 40 minute time span, we only dealt with about 3 cry fits and 47 fights.  Not too bad.  I also had to assist Marlow to the bathroom every 12 minutes and calm Sammy down after he racked himself trying to escape.  Melrose then piled 4 rafts on top of eachother, climbed on top, and set herself a float.  Once she floated away, she (in the most dramatic way possible)  yelled for someone to immediately come SCRATCH HER BACK!  No problem Mel, I'll be right there.  Just let me wash Marlow's pee down the concrete with the hose, tighten Holly's flippers, and make sure my son can still have kids someday. 

After those 40 minutes were up, things took a slightly worse turn.  Melrose and Holly decided to take zero breaks in between their fights and Marlow was ready for her nap, please and thank you.  As Mel told Holly that she needed to go in a take a nap, Beans sang "A your Adorable" through a megaphone on the deck to lighten the mood.  Just then, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THANK YOU BABY JESUS, the swim teachers arrived!!!!!!!

The 2 swim teachers are sisters (love them already) and were so so great with all the kids.  The girls started out loving every second of it.  Melrose practically dove into their arms when they arrived.  Holly was in heaven and did so good with her freestyle strokes!  Way to go, Holls!

Sam wanted nothing to do with the water.  So he said.  Truth is, he loves to swim and pretty much never turns down the opportunity.  When he casually told me and my mom (half way through the lesson) that he would only get in if we pushed him...no problem!  Say no more, my friend.  Wish granted.  The rest is history.  They taught him freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and the butterfly.  He loved it.

Thank goodness, there were 2 teachers because keeping these kids seperated was crucial to making this a success.  This here was walking a fine line....

The looks they are giving eachother says it all.

The kids are already asking when the girls are coming back so I would say it was success!  Note to self: do not, I repeat do NOT let them swim prior to the lesson.  Also, figure out how to convince Melrose that she is not a professional swimmer after one lesson.  Once we were preparing to leave, you better believe Melrose jumped in where she most certainly cannot touch.  She actually attemped a very confident type of Olympic twist on her way in and yelled "I NEVER HAVE TO WEAR A LIFE JACKET AGAIN!"

Lord, have Mercy.

Mother knows best.  Listen to your Mumsy.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birthday recap

Even though I took zero pictures this weekend, I still want to document the greatness of my 30th Birthday.  If you don't care, I'll spare you the boredom and you can stop here.  If you love hearing about birthday's, please allow me to tell you about my best one yet....

I awoke the morning of June 16th to an alert on my blackberry that said "Kendall Jenner and Chris Harrison have tweets for you."  Get out!!!  I adore Kendall Jenner and LOVE OHCH (Our Host Chris Harrison)!!!!  Yes, I'm sure they send birthday tweets to all of their fans but I don't care!  That rocks!

I quickly got dressed without waking anyone in the house and hopped straight into my sister's car that was waiting in my driveway.  She had my new favorite drink ever (Caribou Coffee Turtle Latte) awaiting me along with the newest US Weekly mag.  She knows me well.  I hope it has pics of my new friends Kendall and Chris in it!  Then, off we were to the spa!

The spa was amazing.  We had super fancy facials and sat in the steam room that smelled like lavender.  After the facials, we met up with my favorite ladies for lunch.  Mom, sisters, and Holly.  It was sushi and hummus from 'Crave' to top off the afternoon.  Big time YUM!

I then arrived back at my pad to see some Jones Bros cupcakes on our table which we had WAY too much fun eating.  I then took a N.A.P.  It was like going to heaven on your birthday.

After nap time, I got fancy for a date with my hubster.  The date started with a trip to the mall where my funny man told me I could spend $30, one for each year of life.  The record should show that he didn't complain one time while I slowly strolled through the sales and just smiled at me when I definitely went over the $30 limit.  We then ate a restaurant more fancy than we could ever afford.  However, one of Gage's clients gave him a very generous gift card and we had a blast pretending to fit in.  I had the salmon and Gage ordered the crab legs which he clearly had no idea how to eat and has a bloody finger to prove it. 

We then headed back to pick up our kiddos at my sister's house to take them home and rent a family movie. 

NOT!  Why, of course, the house was full of family and friends ready to rock out the rest of the night with me!  Surprise!  Great conversation, great dance party (for the kids), great desserts, great people, great fun.  I took no pictures, but as always, played Instagram all day.  You can check me out @missycobb.  Also, fun pics of my kiddos @sophiasstyle.  Thank goodness for social media!  I was highly entertained all day by birthday wishes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  They definitely make your birthday more fun!  Thanks to everyone for the texts, gifts, party, spa, cards, tweets, gossip mags, dance parties, and hugs!  I loved it all!

Today, being Father's Day, topped of a great weekend.  Gage and Sam got to go to the CWS (poor Stoney Brook) and the girls and I went swimming while Gramps cooked some awesome food.  So far, the 30's are everything I had hoped they would be!

This week is VBS (hallelujah), steamy hot weather in the forecast, more CWS fun, and I promise to redeem myself with pictures.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh Happy (B) Day!

This is my last week in my 20's.  You know what that means.  It's almost here!  My 30th birthday!  It's not the actual day that excites me so much as the idea of no longer being in my 20's.  The 20's were a great ride with more life changing events than I can count but I will not miss them AT. ALL!!!!!

I suppose at this point in life, people have had lots of milestone birthday's but I really can't say that I have had a "best birthday ever."

Sweet 16?  Ha-ha.  Not so much.  No licence, no car, and a flop of a surprise party.  Don't worry, I'm over it.

Twenty?  Sounds cool to no longer be a teen but when you just had a baby there are more important things on your mind.

Twenty-one?  I hear that's suppose to be a fun one?  I went out to dinner with my fiance (yep), had my first glass of wine and hated it.

Twenty-five?  Half way to 30.  Some people get depressed at that thought but not this girl!  Couldn't tell ya what I did to celebrate though.

I really don't need a big party to ring in this next decade because the number 3-0 alone just makes me happy!  The thirty's are going to be great, I can feel it!  At the risk of sounding completely crazy, I'm excited to get this next decade rollin' because that pushes me that much closer to 40! 

Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful for the life I've lived through my 20's.  So what if we did things the non-traditional way and slightly out of order.  God still used every milestone for His glory.  While I would not recommend this order of life events: baby, engagement, college graduation, wedding, baby, purchase a house, law school, baby...God can still do His thing.  This path has made things more difficult at times but there's no where to go from here but UP!  When I think back through my 20's, I could cry happy and sad tears in an instant.  (oops just did). When I think about my 30's ahead I want to sing praises from my roof. 

My 20's were a time of testing and trails, I believe my 30's will be the era of hope and fruitfulness, my 40's, no doubt about it, will be pure sweetness.  50's?  Forget about it!  We are retiring on a lake (Gage says golf course but I'll fight till the death) and are going to travel the world.  Perhaps this is wishful thinking but just don't squash my dream on my birthday week, okay?  Thanks.

Not four siblings.  Mother and children.  The cool mom's where pink hats.

While I will say that money is over rated, not having any sucks bad.  With that said, cheers to time and money, cheers to family vacations, cheers to being home to make dinner for my family, cheers to more babies, cheers to buying a new (more spacious) house, cheers to being debt free, cheers to being madly in love with my best friend, CHEERS to being in the THIRTY'S and all this that awaits me in this decade!!!!  Happy birthday week to me!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Heel Toe Express

We have a new walker in our house.  She's tiny and crazy and loves to eat dog food.  Stella is her name and walking is her game.  So far, Stella has been rather advanced in all areas of life so I have no idea why she decided to be so unbelievably cautious about walking.  She started showing signs at 9 months but those signs never advanced past walking along furniture and standing alone until recently.  She started taking a few steps right around 12 months but again stayed at that pace until this week.  She now prefers to walk but gets very VERY ticked off when she falls.  It takes her a while to recover and when she does, she will "bear crawl" until she feels it's safe to stand and try again.  To each their own.

She still enjoys a good crawl every now and then so we can't stay she's a true walker just yet.  However, she loves walking back and forth to people and diving into your arms so we can cheer for her.  She gets so proud of herself. 

Now that we are past the sting of her first birthday, I'm ready for the full blown walking.  She's a toddler now and her little knees need a break!  I've tried keeping Baby Legs on her while she's outside on the concrete but her stick legs can't hold them up.  They end up looking more like Cindi Lauper ankle warmers.  Her cousin, Mayzie, does a MUCH better job at serving the correct purpose of Baby Legs.  We will have to pass them down (up?) to her.

Stella is such a girl when she walks.  Very careful and slow.  Just like when she eats, she is so dainty.  This girl was born with her pinky up.  While she does enjoy the Heel Toe Express, it's still just a game and not her top method of transportation.  In due time.

P.S. if you think Stella is wearing a cute outfit in this last video than I highly recommend you follow sophiasstyle on Instagram.  There is plenty more where that came from.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The whirlwind of 2012

I haven't had much time for blogging lately and facebook has become far too creepy for my taste but you may still be aware that I have rarely seen the outside of Burke High School since May 28th. 

The recital week is always good for tears of joy and sadness, mama drama at it's finest, delirium to the highest degree, sleep deprivation, more Starbucks and Juice Stop than I've had all year, and high flippin' quality entertainment.

There are waaaaayyy too many things I could blog about when hashing over the recital week...some appropriate, some not.  I've decided I'm only going to give you my "mom" prospective. 

Here it's goes.

Holly was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!  I balled like a baby in opening number.  It's an honor to be chosen to be in opening number and all NDC, NDPT, and JS get to be in it.  This was Holly's first year.  She has waited her whole life for this.  I'm really not kidding.  She has been more excited for opening number at the recital than she ever was for a competition.  She killed it! 

Holly's precious little Jumpstart group.  It was almost impossible to get them to take a "normal" picture

Intense listening to how the show will go down.  It's almost showtime!

Backstage and listening to the countdown!  T-minus 1 minute!  (a normal picture is insanity with this level of excitement)

Her JS dances were awesome as always and she got to do a ballet dance for the first time.  The song was "I can only Imagine" so you can only imagine the size of my tears as I watched her.  She was beautiful and had a blast!  Thank the Lord that her recital was #2 of 7.  I hadn't reached delirium yet so I was able to enjoy the whole show inspite my profuse sweating as I changed her 4 times and helped my baby classes get to where they needed to be during the show.  As crazy as it was, this was my favorite show hands down.

This 5th position just makes my heart smile

JS stars backstage for ballet.  Love them. :)

I'm psycho tired after 14 run through's of what is seriously the greatest show ever.  I love my people, I love my job, and I love every single thing about dance.  I can't help it. 

Holly had such a fantastic year and loved every second she was with her ND JS family.  I found myself waiting all year for her to tell me just one time that she didn't want to go.  That she wanted to skip dance for a Girl Scout field trip or birthday party.  She never did.  She ALWAYS picked dance. 

Summer break from dance didn't really sound all that great to Holly so thank goodness we only have to wait one whole week before try-outs for next year!

I'm going to miss these little Spiders!

Fancy Nancy's last time on the stage

The greatest tap teacher in the whole world.  (please don't tell her that I posted a picture of her)
At the end of the show, the girls threw on their funky fresh Nebraska Dance Recital T's and hit the stage for some final bows.  Always a great way to end.

Lining up for bows.  I never did get that normal picture.

Great show ladies!
What a year it's been.  Now it's 8:30 pm on Monday (our beloved teacher spa day) and my kids are in bed and I only have my eyes half open right now.  I hope spell check is working because the screen looks blurry to me.  I'm going to bed and hope to wake up 12 hours from now.  This week I hope to sleep a lot.  On a raft in the pool.  "Next year" starts "next week."  Good night!