Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Welcome Summer 2012!

Hip Hip Hooray!  It's summer!  Bring on the pool, College World Series, summer nights at Village Point, Tropical Snow trips with no shoes on, sunburns and sleeping in, movies at the outdoor theater, BIG BROTHER 14 (AHHH!!!), and MY 30TH BIRTHDAY!  All other seasons can wait in the truck.

It's the last day of school although it's not officially summer until I'm done working.  I have one more night of work and then we have a measly little 7 recitals proceeding 7 rehearsals.  That's 14 2&1/2 hour showdowns of our year long hard work and summer 2012 will be official. 

I do, however, foresee Stella's obsession with the outdoors being a slight buzz kill this summer.  Our "down" time will probably consist of pushing Stella in her swing and taking her for walks in her wagon.  Such a princess.  An outdoorsy one.  Being trapped in the house gives her a major case of the Monday's.  She cries at the back door until someone caves.  Since she's totally worth it, we are stocked up on SPF and swim diapers.  We take our pool time pretty serious around here so I just realized as I typed that, that I made it sound like a sacrifice.  Hmm...

The Cobb summer 2012 will look something like this:

Go to grandma's and go swimming.  Red Mango for dinner, Cold Stone for dessert.  Holly to dance, Sam to baseball.  Stay up late, sleep in late.  Go swimming at grandma's.  Go swimming at the ZELENY'S!!!  Watch Big Brother and pretend like we know all of the players personally.  Dance, baseball, gymnastics.  Swimming.  Big Brother spy cams like it's our job. Swim more.  Repeat.

Oh, and smores at least once a week.

Holly will be dancing a lot this summer and Sam will be playing a crap ton of sports: baseball, golf, and football.  Missy turns THIRTY and Gage will be busy being awesome.  Stella is working on her new favorite past time...walking!  Jarjar is looking for a new home.

We have plenty of new adventures that are in the making as expected.  Never a dull moment.  However, I will NOT be announcing a pregnancy so you can put your mind at ease.  I already made a pregnancy announcement this month for my sister and it practically crashed my website. 

Last day of 1st and 4th grade

Sammy's teacher made these for the whole 4th grade.  THAT'S why I LOVE teachers!

Holly's teacher made each student a personalized scrapbook of photos of them throughout the year.  It's completely precious and Holly is so proud of it.

First and Fourth grade were great years for the Cobb kids.  Plenty of  ups and downs.  Seriously, PLENTY but we ended on a great note!  I'm going to try all summer to not think about second and the dreaded f-f-f-fifth grades.  The awesomeness of my job reaches it's highest point in the summer and I'm looking forward to auditions and starting a new year this summer!  I have 10 million other exciting things I want to blog about but I can't show all my cards at once or that would spoil all the fun!  I will blog my way through this summer as often as I can.  (translated: in between pool time and only on the 4 days of the week that BB14 is not on).

I'm confident that summer 2012 will not disappoint us.  Cheers, my friends.  Cheers!

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