Friday, May 11, 2012

Sammy 2.0

How rude of me to leave you hanging for so long after The great debate.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, let me just say, we have always had to work so hard at parenting Sammy.  Until now. 

Here, I give you Sammy 2.0!

This year I have literally watched this kid mature before my very eyes.  Writing the debate post was healing for me.  I tossed around the homeschooling idea for a long time and by "tossed around" I mean "fought against."  It was almost instantly after I wrote it, that Sammy turned into Sammy 2.0.

Of course, he still gets mad at his little sister sometimes and his temper will flare up every now and then but it is MILD compared to what we have seen. 

The fact that he sets his own alarm every morning and gets himself ready an hour before school starts so he can watch Sports Center, is defiantly blog worthy.  In addition, he miraculously knows how to keep his room clean, which probably deserves it's own post.  Can't wait till Holly figures that one out.  His confidence is soaring through the roof, which I credit to sports.  He had an awesome basketball season and is rocking second base at baseball this year.  He has been on my case about signing him up for (TACKLE) football and I'm dragging my heals on that one big time.  I love football and everything but my skinny little runt is not exactly aggressive and we have made it so long with no broken bones.  Out of respect for my boy, I have KWAA football flagged in my toolbar and have almost made it to the registration page.  I've attempted several times but always chicken out.  By "chicken out" I mean pray on my knees that he will change his mind.  He's also going to play a little golf this summer and try-out for Select baseball.  I think I want it for him worse than he does, but either way it will be a good experience.  He will probably play fall ball again like last year and, unfortunately, I don't see myself winning the football battle.  Pray for me him.

Claiming victory after finishing 1st in the 400m dash at Field Day

Besides falling madly in love with sports, Sammy has made some pretty solid friends at school that share his love.  Fourth grade has turned out to be a fantastic year and summer is right around the corner!  Amen!

The best BEST improvement that Sammy 2.0 has made is the way he can talk to strangers.  This week I took him to his favorite store, Dick's Sporting Goods.  He wanted to use his own money to buy a pair of Nike socks.  A $15 single pair of socks, but that is neither here nor there.  Those babies better have came with a 10 dollar bill in them.  Just sayin'. 

He asked the worker if he had his size ALL BY HIMSELF!  The poor guy had to climb a ladder and check about 40 pairs before discovering that he didn't.  He then climbed down and told Sam that he can go look in the back.  Sam said "I feel bad that you have to do this."  I couldn't get words out of my mouth when I heard that.  I just smiled.  THEN!  The guy came back and said "all we have is black with a red swoosh." 

*side note: there were a zillion colors and he already has several black pairs of (cheap) Nike socks.  I thought that sounded boring and was ready to get the heck outta there.  Not Sammy.

He replied "okay, that sounds good.  I'll take those."  If you are bored by this dialogue, I apologize, but just know that this is a small miracle.  It was a proud mom moment.

I also could go on and on about how he treats ME but nothing has changed there.  He has always been madly in love with me and treated me like a queen.  "You're the best mom ever" and "I'll never let anything happen to you" are regulars out of his mouth.  Like daily.  I don't know if I've ever mentioned that his love language is physical touch, but it is.  It makes me giggle all the time.  He is always hugging me, rubbing my back, holding my hand, or draping himself on me while watching TV.  If you spend too much time with him, he will do the same to you.  It's his love language so that's how he shows love.  Positive words, quality time, and acts of service do NOT float his boat.  A good hand holding does though.

Me: Hey Sam, can I take a picture of you and your......Oh wow, that will work too.

I have no idea how I got so lucky to be chosen to be this kids mom.  Seeing how marture he has become is greatly rewarding.  I'm going to enjoy every single second of this stage of life.  Obvioulsy, because it is heavenly, but also because I'm petrified of Middle School and everything that goes along with it.  I have one year left of Elementary school, 3 years before he is a T-T-T-TEENager, I'm praying for at least 5 before puberty, and hopefully a billion before he starts dating.

Catch him if you can, boys!

You better believe that they were "Tebowing" after their 4 man relay smoked their competition

In conclusion, I'm happy to announce that I will NOT be homeschooling but have an even greater respect now for those that do.

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