Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dancers against Cancer

Today was one of the coolest days I've ever lived.  Nebraska Dance honored Camp Quality Heartland in our 5th annual benefit concert as I mentioned earlier in Stella's birthday post. I'm so proud today to be a part of ND.  Our dancers against cancer danced so hard and the audience was so touched.  There were survival stories shared throughout the show along with heart wrenching struggles.  Camp Quality is amazing in itself but this concert was even more about the fight against cancer. 

Blurry pictures but seriously, O WELL!!!!  These kiddos rock my flippin' socks!!!!

Towards the end of the concert, the audience was asked to stand if they had/have cancer or have a loved one who has suffered from cancer.  My emotions were running high when 95% of the place was standing.

My photography skills suffered a little today but I'll make up for it for sure at our SEVEN recitals next month.  This was one of my favorites though.

Holly and Alivia sporting their Dancers Against Cancer shirts

Since #dancersagainstcancer was trending on Instagram today, I wish I could share my favorite photos, but I can't.  Real cute, Instagram.  Real cute.  NDC, just know that I was entertained.

I love these kids.  I love Nebraska Dance and what it stands for.  I'm truly feeling so blessed today.  I loved that my daughter got to dance in this concert in place of a competition.  It meant more to her (and clearly me) to stand for something.  There is nothing like being slapped in the face with your own blessings.  I'm blessed and I know it.  This was a weekend of thankfulness.

1. My grandpa had a stroke 3 months ago and we didn't think he would ever come home...but he came home Saturday.  Unbelievable.

2. My brother who has been deployed on a job more dangerous that I even care to think about...came home. 

3. My baby girl had an amazing first birthday!  Every time someone wished her 'happy birthday,' she clapped and blew them a kiss on command.  Seriously!?  I SWEAR we didn't practice that.  No, really.

 4. I have never lost a loved one to cancer.  I realize now how rare that is and am heart broken for those that have.

Tonight I'm squeezing my family a little tighter and thanking God just a little bit longer.

Dancers rule, cancer drools.

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