Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby #4

Don't worry, it's not MY baby #4.  I had you going though, didn't I?  Man, pregnancy jokes never get old!

This post is actually about my sister's bambino numbero quatro.  Still surprised?

Obviously, we are crazy excited for the whole Mixan clan but the worrier in me can't help but have a slight fear for this child's life.  I know my sister and brother-in-law are laughing at me right now because "fear" is not a part of their vocab.  They are about as chill as they come.  Hence, baby #4.  Oh, have I mentioned that their oldest is 4 years old?  Yep.  You scared  yet?

Allow me to introduce my second favorite family in the entire world:

Left to Right: Mandy, Marlow, Melrose, Mike, Mayzie

Good looking fam, right?  Why the heck would you not keep reproducing with kids looking like that.  Four kids in five years.  No biggie.  Just keep spittin' them out, guys.  Keep the cuties coming.

Here, I give you the most competitive 4 year old on the face of the earth.  Her name is Melrose Joy Mixan but she likes to call herself "the first one out."  As in the first one out of her mother's womb.  She enjoys competitions, winning, being right, and everything Holly does and owns.  I honestly can never ever get enough of this child.  I laugh at everything that comes out of her mouth even when I shouldn't.

The second one out is the sweetest little bug you'll ever meet.  Marlow Maureen Mixan aka: Marlow Beans, Beany Weany or Beany Maureeny, Beanarino, Bean Bag, or just Beans.  I try not to get too excited when Marlow tells me I'm her best friend because she tells everyone that.  She enjoys animals, insects, nature, storms, people, and the outdoors.  She gives amazing hugs and has a killer tan all year round.

The Mixan caboose (for now) is chunky monkey, Mayzie Grace.  We call her Layzie Mayzie because it is very fitting.  She's a tank and she knows it.  Mayzie is such a perfect fit for this fam.  I thank God on a regular basis that Mayzie survived in those first few months of life.  I guess if she lived through the torture Marlow gave her, this new baby (who are we kidding, it's probably another girl) can too.

I love these girls as if they were my own and it literally hurts if I go to long without seeing them.  My kids ask me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  if they get to see the Mixan kids.  They resemble the behavior of siblings more than cousins.  Lots of fights, lots of love.  Sam and Melrose butt heads because they are both "first borns" in every meaning of the word.  Marlow can not do any wrong in Sam's eyes and he is her Knight in shining armor.  Melrose looks up to Holly and wants to do everything she does, but her competitive side (which is every side) wants to do it BETTER.  Holly is sensitive and Mel loves to push her buttons.  She gets some sick thrill from it actually.  Holly, however, IS older (just don't remind Mel) and knows how to take advantage of her pre-school aged cousin if need be.  They used to be like fatal attraction but have grown out of it (for the most part).  Stella and Mayzie flip out when they see each other and it is the cutest thing ever.

Now, the Mixan's think it's cool to torture all of us and not find out what the sex of their babies are. They have already tossed around the idea of not finding out this time and I absolutely forbid that.  You may have noticed that our family is slightly lopsided with genders.  Mandy is from a family of 4 girls and 1 boy, Mike is from a family of 4 boys and 1 girl.  There is absolutely no pressure but my fingers may be crossed for a junior.  But then again, another one of those Mixan girls would be nice.  Ohhhhhh I hope it's a girl!  Just kidding, I want it to be a boy.  No, girl.  Boy.  Girl.

Boy.  Or girl.  Either one would be amazing.  They just better find out.  Stat.  Screw the "surprise" crap.  Wasn't the plus sign on the stick surprise enough?

If you run into Melrose, she WILL tell you that there is a baby in her mom's tummy.  Actually she will say, "there is a baby in my mom's tummy already!"  ALREADY!!!!  As in, there was just one in there, it came out, and there is another one in there.....already.  Beans is hoping that it's a baby rabbit in her mom's tummy so just play along.  Mayzie?  Well, she will know soon enough what Irish twins are.

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