Wednesday, April 11, 2012

They call me the paint master

I have a love/hate relationship with painting.  I love picking out colors and the way it makes a room look so new even when it's not.  I HATE getting dirty, sweaty, and sore while doing the job.  I must say though, I'm pretty darn amazing at it.  I'm kinda psycho about home improvement projects.  My husband and family make fun of me all the time and I don't even care.  When I get an idea please get out of my way because it's going to happen so fast your head will spin.  I nail it every time too. 

This weeks project was painting my bedroom and bathroom.  Before, it resembled the color of diarrhea.  Today it is a beautiful mucus color.  Diarrhea to mucus in 2 1/2 days.  Who cares if I have callus's all over my hands and it hurts to look up.  (BTW: painting the ceiling is the devil!)  I killed it!  All. By. Myself. 

I can now say that I have painted every single room in my entire house.  Some more than once.  Okay, I have to give major props to my mom because she helped me a ton in this area.  Last year when we painted Stella's room, she pretty much took that one on alone.  I also should say that Gage is always willing to help me but I usually don't let him.  He moves like a turtle and I move like lightning.  Plain and simple.  In the words of the incredibly inspiring Bachelor winner, Courtney, (hopefully you are sensing my sarcasm) "I don't do anything half ass."

Here is a picture of all the paint I have acquired over the years:

Don't worry, that's my garage.

Lots of blood, sweat, and sore muscles went into those paint cans.  I don't even need the gym.  Painting is a poor girls elliptical.

Now, I need your help.  When we moved into our house I painted the kitchen cabinets.  Go figure.  They are orange.  Well, like burnt orange.  I still like them but you might not.  Let's say (hypothetically) we wanted to sell our house.  Soon.  Would you buy a house with orange cabinets?

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  1. So you (hypothetically of course) might be moving soon? We are in the market for a house in the next few months...this is Lindsey who you used to work with at Sophias Style btw : )