Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stella's Trip to the ER

Well, Stella baby had her first spend-the-night somewhere other than Grandma's.  That's always a big milestone for the Cobb kids.  However, Children's Hospital would probably be our last choice for a spendy.

If you're my friend on Facebook, you probably know that she was there.  You also may have noticed that I left out some major holes in between these two pictures:

To make a super long story short:  She had (has?) the flu. 

If you enjoy long stories, here are the deets:  It started Thursday evening with a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, achiness, the whole 9 yards.  Friday was 24 straight hours of agony.  Hell.  She cried for 12 hours.  I have been known to exaggerate a thing or two but this time I promise I'm not.  She cried non-frickin-stop for 12 hours and I cried for many of those hours as well.  She blew chunks every time I gave her Tylenol and she drank nothing all day.  We went to the doc friday evening and was sent home with instructions to give her pedialyte.  Oh wow, I didn't even think of that!!!  Umm, just kidding.  I've been trying all day.  She was so tired from crying and not sleeping Friday that she slept all night!  Hallelujah.  Saturday should be an upward climb!  She woke up refreshed and drank 2 oz. of water and 4 oz. of formula.  Even had a slight wet diaper.  Amen!  This day is looking up. 

Kidding again!  I dropped this sickling off with the best grandma in the world and headed to Holly's last dance competition while my boys were in Kearney, NE for the state Destination Imagination competition.  5 hours later, Jim Flowers informs us that we are probably going to die in a tornado, my boys are driving in it with 2 hours to go, and my baby hasn't moved, drank, ate, peed, or slept.  Time for the ER?   You better believe it!  Meanwhile, Spiders took 1st overall at the dance Competition, and the Cappuccinos took 5th at state.  Well done Cobb kids.

Gage made it home safe and we flew off to Children's Hospital with the sickest baby I've ever had.  Mama Stella was so brave.  They stuck an IV in her, did a chest Xray and blood draw, and we waited for results.  Her white blood count and xray were normal but her electrolytes were extremely low.  Normal for her size is 22 and she was at a 13.  She was severally dehydrated and needed to be admitted overnight to get fluids for the next 12 hours.  She had one nasty flu virus that hit her little body so hard.

*Breaking news from Debbie Downer: approximately 49,000 people die each year from the flu.

Getting some quick shut-eye in the ER

Stella cried in the ER pretty much the whole time.  Gage filled out all the paper work which might not have been the best idea.  When asked if your child has a nickname, he wrote "Punkie Wunkie."  Once we settled into room 409, the night sucked just a little more.  She would have been perfectly happy if we set flames to that "crib" in her room.  It worked out great that Stella wanted to be held because they make it pretty much impossible to sleep with a plastic couch and "recliner" that sounds like nails on a chalkboard every time it rocks.  It's probably because trips to the ER are super cheap and the hospital can't afford to get nicer furniture.  That makes sense. 

This happened every 4 painful hours.  She did, however, get lots of compliments on her always painted piggies

10pm: drinking a bottle for the first time all day!  Yay, Stella! 

The only way she would sleep was if we were holding her.  Poor poor baby. :(

One more shot of her cute pigs and that pesky ankle bracelet.

After an extremely sleepless night, Stella looked like death warmed over.  Her sibs and G&G came to visit which made her happy.  We waited for the doc to release her so we could get this poor mama baby to her own comfy bed!

Day 2:  Can she look more pathetic?

Bro and Sis were worried about their little Punkie Wunkie

Grandma had to explain to a very worried Sammy and Holly what dehydration was.  Needless to say, they have been waterlogged for the last 24 hours.
Another owie!  Our release hinges on the results of that finger prick!  (It was good news)

It just looked too tempting.  I'm glad someone enjoyed that prison.

She acted like her hand was broken and she wouldn't touch anything with the IV.  This is her drinking a tiny infant bottle with her "good hand."

Eating some snacks.  Starting to feel better, just crazy tired.  At least she rocked those scrubs.

The nurses at Children's were like angels.  They brought her some toys to play with. :)

Going home baby!  She even cracked a smile for that one!  And look...she got her hand back!

Thanks to everyone for all your Facebooking and Texting.  We were feeling the love.  That was one crazy expensive night and we are glad it's over!  The flu with babies is no joke.  Stella took one hella long nap when we got home and we totally kept the scrubs.


  1. What a scare! So glad she's ok!

  2. Yikes the metal cage for children isnt pleasant to sleep in and the plastic couch gets comfortable after two days of sleep deprivation but the iv is no fun and the blood pressure cuff is owie to glad she is better

  3. What a traumatic experience for all of you! But hey... she does have the prettiest piggies I have EVER seen!! :)

  4. I am so glad you are outta there! Seeing her sweet little hand with that IV brings back memories and gives me goosebumps. Poor Stella! And Mommy.
    Hopefully nobody else catches the flu bug, Talk to you soon!

    1. Thanks Kel. Your nurse cousin came in to meet Stella this morning! Thanks for sending her in...she was so nice! We loved the nurses at Children's even though it sucked being there. Glad to be home! Now more importantly....why the crap did I not know you had a blog!?!? Just added you to my list!