Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Play Ball!

Allergies aside, there is no greater season than baseball season!  Holy smokes I love baseball!  I won't pretend like I know a whole lot about it....wait, yes I will!  I might not know what I'm talking about but I LOVE to pretend like I do.  My dad coached little league like my whole life, so I totally feel comfortable saying things like "choke up" or "good eye" and when I'm feeling really confident you might hear me yell something like "look alive!"  Haha, no I won't say that.  I kinda wish I did though.  That would be funny.  For me.  Not my son.  Defiantly not my husband.

Obvious as obvious can be:  I'm a girly girl.  I also have two very girl daughters.  With that being said, I think it's safe to say that during baseball season, the sun rises and sets on my baseball player.  See ya dance.  Take me out to the ballgame!

My girly girls setting up shop for the first game of the season!
(technically it was the FOURTH game, but the 1st that I was able to attend.  Don't get me started)

Good eye, #4!  (see how I did that?)

This is a shot of my boy batting 'clean up.' I'm not kidding.  Only trouble there is that he has never actually 'cleaned up.'  He'll get there.  Just a couple more trips to the cages with mom dad.

If you are wondering if I'm a crazy baseball mom who yells at the umpire (ex: ARE YOU SERIOUS, BLUE!?) and takes pictures of their kid through the fence.  I'm not!  

Well, I only do one of those things.

Please, God, tell me that my mom did not just take a picture of me...

I'm scared to even look...


Sorry, bud, don't mind me!  Go get 'em tiger!

If I watched my boy play baseball every single day I would be completely content.  Well, I would probably need at least ONE dance competition.  But, actually, the girls have fun at baseball games too!  Stella made a whole clan of new friends!  There was a constant line at my feet asking if they could hold her and Stella thought it was hilarious!  Holly found a frog so her life was complete right there.

Look who found a foul ball...

What the heck is this thing anyway?  Can I eat it?

I even love the smell of my sweaty little dude after a game.  I giggle every time I wash his sliding shorts and find his nut cup in his bat bag.  I absolutely love Sammy T. Cobb more than I can even handle!  Favorite baseball player to ever live. Hands. Down.

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