Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hosta Transplant

It's that time of year!  I live to plant flowers.  There is something so peaceful about gardening.  I love every single thing about it.  The worse part and, honestly, only downfall is that our house gets 0% sun.  This house is a Hosta's dream.  I planted some Hostas a few years ago and they have grown into some sort of flesh eating monsters that I'm literally scared of come July.  This year, I had the brilliant idea to perform a transplant  before they got too overwhelming.  So, Holly and I got on our gardening gear and dug those suckas up!


Take that sucka!

 I did that all by myself!  Moved that baby closer to the house and added a few flowers.  It may look small now but I promise you one month from now you will not believe your eyeballs.  This thing is the plant from 'Little Shop of Horrors,' I'm sure of it. 

Speaking of flesh eaters,  have I not mentioned that it also attracts hornets?  I'm actually just starting to get over the hornet attack I endured last spring.  I was VERY pregnant and got stung 9 times.  By hornets.  My body was shaking (more like convulsing) and I'm pretty sure my neighbors were laughing.  It was one of those nightmares where you try to scream but no sound comes out.  I lived and my baby came out just fine.

On a brighter note, Holly was so cute planting flowers.  She actually had more fun digging up worms and rolie polie's.  She couldn't stand to cover one back up with dirt.  I tried to explain to her that they actually prefer to be hidden in dirt than in her hand but she just couldn't get past the visual of smothering them in dirt.

Filling a cup with dirt for her insects

Way to problem solve, Holls!

I love some good QT with my little scrub.  She was so happy the whole time.  As she was digging away, she yelled "mom, we should do this everyday!"  I couldn't agree more, Holls.

This is all the sun this side of Barretts Drive is going to see.  Wish these babies luck!

 For anyone who suffers from the same shade problem as me, I HIGHLY recommend planting Begonia's.  They are basically impossible to kill.  They love the shade and will live through October with hardly any water.

Oh, Begonia's.  It only took me 4 years to find you.
 Spring Break day 4: HUGE SUCCESS!

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