Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen! Spoiler alert: the giant bunny is a fake

My kids don't believe in the Easter bunny.  They never did.  I know, I know, what mean parents depriving their children of holiday joy.  When Sam was born, Gage and I said we weren't going to do the whole Santa/Easter bunny thing.  We wanted our kids to know the true meaning of the those 2 holiday's.  Not emphasizing Santa at Christmas lasted all the way until our kids could talk.  Ultimate backfire.  They believed hard core.  Of course, we let them, and we even welcomed a creepy Elf on the Shelf into our house last year.   However, the Easter bunny and Tooth fairy are crossing the line.  I don't think I ever fell for the EB when I was a kid even though my parents tried.  Something about a giant talking/walking bunny entering my house while I was sleeping and hopping it's way to every other child's house within a few short hours just didn't add up.  At least Santa had some badass reindeer that could fly and was able to fit crap in his bag Mary Poppins style.

Anyway, my kids really do understand Easter and all it's glory.  They know that Easter is the greatest and most important miracle in all the world.  I committed my heart to the Lord when I was 15 years old ON EASTER and every year after, I have been moved to tears at the wonder of our risen King.  I LOVE EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!  I love what Easter means for us.  Growing up in a Catholic school, we attended Stations of the Cross every Friday.  Even though it was incredibly hard to not pass out due to the encompassing cloud of incense, I kinda miss that.  I love the stations of the cross and I love Lent!  I love how the church body makes sacrifices during this season as a tradition.  It's no coincidence that Easter falls in the Spring, which is the season of new life.  Miracles everywhere you look.  It blows my mind to watch grass, trees, plants, and flowers that have been dead for months come to life.  Year after year.  I'm feeling humbled today by my Savior's unending and perfect love.  Jesus loves me.  He died for me, busted out of his grave, and is still kickin' it up in Paradise.  Now THAT is a Holiday and THAT is a dude worth celebrating!  You're beyond awesome JC! 

Last night when my kids went to bed, there was no mention of a goofy bunny.  Instead, they prayed and thanked Jesus for His sacrifice.  Man, I love those kids!  Even though EB doesn't come to our house, mom and dad still fill the baskets with goodness.

Root Root for the Cubbies!

One for One! :)

I got teary filling her basket.  Last year Easter was much later in April and I was hospitalized before that with a minor scare...I was convinced I would be spending Easter in the hospital.  Baby girl, you are perfect!  Happy 1st Easter! Now slam those Banana Puffs the way you do!

I can't wait to celebrate this day with my whole family.  I have a kick-butt family.  First off, Lifegate Church has a bomb Easter service. 

Second, we have an extremely competitive egg hunt ahead of us today.  No worries, there there will be plenty of eggs for the children to find.  However, there will only be ONE golden egg.  One golden egg that is exploding with cash.  The only rule is that THERE ARE NO RULES!  The adults pretend to be patient while the kids find their eggs so they can jump in the hunt for the good stuff.

When someone finds it, it's an uncomfortable feeling of sadness mixed with happiness.  You want to be happy for the person who found it but it's so disappointing when you look at your torn clothes covered in dirt and realize it was all for nothing.  We all fake being happy anyways.  You know what is super exciting though?  When we all decide to put MORE cash in it and hide it again!  HA!  Melrose found it last year (with the help of her competitive father) and loudly exclaimed "I FOUND THE GOLDEN EGG AND HOLLY DIDN'T!"  Real cute, Mel. 
Not this year sweetheart.

Easter 2011.  Melrose's 5 minutes of fame

This picture is far from innocent.  Uncle Mike is praying that Sam did not just find the golden treasure. Sam probably has tears in his eyes.  I'm practically positive that Holly has full blown tears and Gage is sweating profusely.  John is casually pretending to not be looking for the egg.  Let's get real folks.

Happy Resurrection day to everyone!

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