Friday, April 13, 2012

Fox and Fish: by Holly Cobb

Last night when I got home from work, I stumbled upon this treasure.  My precious 7 year old daughter wrote a story called "Fox and Fish."  I knew as soon as I read it that there was absolutely no way I would be able to refrain from sharing it with the world.

Behold...the greatest story of friendship I've ever read. 

Fox and Fish

Once upon a time there lived a fox.  The fox loved to play.  Fox was a stinkey fox.  Fox had one friend.  His friends name was fish.  Fish was relly slimey.  They wher very best friends.  One of there favrite games was cards.  They played it evrey day.  But one day fox coulden't stand up!  His back leg was brocken!  Fox tolled fish his leg was brocken.  Fish called 911.  They said they would be there in 1 minute.  When they got there they put him in a littel bed.  Fox had to take a specile medacine.  They also had to put a cast on him.  They said he would have to stay there for a month.  As the days went by fish came to viset him.  She brought him some books and cards for them to play.  Latter that day they played cards.  Fox said thank you so much.  Finley the month went by so fish took fox home.  When they polled in the driveway fish said coles your eyes.  Why? Said fox.  Because theres just a sprise in the house for you.  Me? Said fox.  YES! Said fish.  Saprise!  Everyone in foxes family was there to celebrate him comeing home.  That night fish coulden't sleep.  Finely it was morning.  Fish tolded fox that he coulden't sleep.  And he was so tired.  Oh no! Said Fox.  We better figger this out.  Fox took fish to the docter.  The docter said he was just afraid.  Oh!  Said fish and fox.  And that was that.  THE END.

- Holly Cobb, age 7

Let me tell you...spell check had a heyday with this one!  I can't decide if my favorite part is that Fox mysteriously turned into a "she" half way through the story or that she spelled "figure" they way any good redneck would: figger.  I think she has been watching too much of her favorite show with her dad.  Hey Holls, let's lay off 'Swamp People." Sound good?

This one is a keeper, no doubt.  I found this piece of gold on the table right next to the note she left me about her field trip:

Dear mom, I need $7 for my feld trip.  I can't remember how many cents it is.  But it's due tamorow. Dad said I should just take $8.  I said okay. Can't you come to it? Love Holly

Oh, how boring my life would be without Holly Kay.  And that is that!

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