Friday, April 20, 2012

Dog House

I'm a 180 degree opposite of a dog lover.  Unfortunately, Holly is an extreme dog lover.  I thought it would be harmless to welcome a super adorable little pug puppy into our house a few years ago.  He was pretty darn cute but it didn't take long before he was on my last nerve.  Oliver was probably about as close as I have ever come to liking a dog.  I was legitimately sad when he was tragically hit by a car 2 summers ago.  I had brought him with me to my parents house because we practically live there in the summer.  They have a pool, so let's be real.  Anyways, their backyard fence was under construction and Oliver knew it.  I barely opened the back door a crack when he ran through my legs full speed ahead, zipped through that hole in the fence and darted into the street.  I literally slammed the door shut and ran to the front door to catch him.  It was already too late.  I have never felt anything like that day and hope I never have to again.  Holly came home that night and curled up in front of Oliver's dog bowls, wrapped up in his blanket and sobbed.  I could literally hear my heart crumbling into pieces as she blamed me through her tears.  That was the first and probably the last time I ever cried about a dog.

  Baby Holly introducing Oliver to our neighborhood dogs.  Such a sweet memory.

Kinda cute?

Gage's parents are huge dog lovers and jumped on this opportunity to mend Holly's broken heart by bringing them a new pug puppy.  We were so grateful to KC G&G.  It was a weekend long debate on what we were going to name this new member and Sam's Star Wars obsession trumped all.  JarJar it is.

Me and JarJar when I kinda liked him

Every day with JarJar has only made me miss Oliver more.  He's kind of a nightmare.  I do my very best at taking care of JarJar because Holly loves him.  It only makes me feel a very tiny bit bad when I hear her praying at night "God please let mom start to like JarJar."  Only a tiny bit.  When she cries because no one likes him, I tell her that I will never let anything happen to him and I promise to always make sure he has food and water.  He is important to her and that makes him important to me.  That usually stops the tears.  Doesn't stop how I feel though. 

Okay, now that you are feeling sorry for my daughter and think that I am the worse mom ever...let me tell you a little about our Pig Pug.

He likes to tip over trash cans while we are not home, eat poopy diapers, scratch at doors until they are unrecognizable, lick my baby's face, freaks out to the point of embarrassment whenever someone comes over, sheds black hairs all over Holly's bed, and my personal favorite: poop in the house.  He plays dead in the morning when the kids are getting ready for school and acts like he SOOOOO TIRED that he can't go outside.  Fine.  You win, dumb dog.  I'm taking the kids to school and will be back in 10 minutes.  10 minutes too late.  Today, he knocked over the kitchen trash, ate a whole bag of expired lunch meat, and pooped all the way down the stairs and into the basement.  I took 4 deep breaths, and put him outside.  Maybe I yelled too.  I can't remember. One hour later, after I cleaned up the mess, I stepped BAREFOOT in one remaining turd. 

That was the last time JarJar saw the inside of this house today.

How are you liking the dog house Jar?  Pun in-frickin-tended!

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