Friday, April 27, 2012

Has anyone seen my precious baby?

I'm blogging today out of straight confusion.  11.75 months ago I gave birth to a perfect baby girl that absolutely captured my heart!  I love talking about Stella and writing down all the funny and cute things she does.  I REALLY love taking pictures of her and posting them all over the Internet.  She's pretty amazing.  However, we have finally reached that point in Stella's life where she has eased out of the state of perfection and stumbled into toddler-hood.  I'm not excited about this faze of life AT. ALL.  This week I have found myself wondering more often than not, where is my baby!?!?!?!?

Oh, here she is!

This chic is so much like her brother it scares me.  Sammy was a kid (still is) that makes you want to pull your hair out.  He has matured so much in the last year but he has always been my challenger.  I DARE you to tell him the sky is blue.  When he was 2, we took an amazing parenting class called "Growing Kids God's Way."  If you haven't heard of it, google it.  It must be taken by all!  It helped us young folk learn how to deal with a kid like Sam.  Honestly, we didn't have to use too many of the tactics with Holly because she was (still is) so easy going.  Now, here I am, frantically trying to remember what we learned 8 years ago because we so desperately need skills to parent miss Stella.  She's a hot head like her brother.  She knows right from wrong.  That's the good (bad?) part.   She knows what "no" means and gets a little bit of thrill from hearing me say it.  Sometimes I think she looks at me and is thinking "watch this sucka!"

I'm just now starting to slip out of the state of denial that I have been in for a week.  My baby is now a toddler.  In every meaning of the word.  Seriously!?  I just wanted her to be a baby a little longer.  Like couldn't she have at least waited a full year!? 


She throws full blow tantrums.  She also is entertained by hitting.  She prefers to yell, specifically at me, rather than use sign language or words.  Changing her diaper makes me wish I was never born.  It usually takes 3 of us to hold her down.  Putting her in her car seat can often be dangerous because she flails like a fish out of water.  I have almost dropped her on the concrete twice.

Remember when life was simple?

Well, those days are over.

Of course, she is very smart.  Another reason she reminds me of her brother.  Scary smart.  I kinda liked my average, laid back baby Holly and was really hoping for another like that.  Nope.  I got was blessed with another Gage Sammy.  Stella makes my heart so happy and I love her so so much.  She will be difficult at times, yes, but I wouldn't change one thing about her.  She is going to keep me on my toes at all times (just like Sam) and that's okay.  Truth be told, I could use someone keeping me on my toes.  I tend to be a little spacey (stop laughing mom!) and not pay attention to important details.  I'm sill working out the kinks of juggling 5 schedules.  Perhaps God knew that giving me a kid like Stella would force me to 'look alive' at all times. 

It's also okay to miss my newborn though.  Right?  My sweet, peaceful, and perfect newborn. 

It would be so nice if my whole life was just one big funny and happy blog.  This here is real life.  Oh I so desperately hope that I'm not the only one that has an 11month old terrible two!  Supportive comments are welcomed below.  Please?

Birthday blog is next!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Play Ball!

Allergies aside, there is no greater season than baseball season!  Holy smokes I love baseball!  I won't pretend like I know a whole lot about it....wait, yes I will!  I might not know what I'm talking about but I LOVE to pretend like I do.  My dad coached little league like my whole life, so I totally feel comfortable saying things like "choke up" or "good eye" and when I'm feeling really confident you might hear me yell something like "look alive!"  Haha, no I won't say that.  I kinda wish I did though.  That would be funny.  For me.  Not my son.  Defiantly not my husband.

Obvious as obvious can be:  I'm a girly girl.  I also have two very girl daughters.  With that being said, I think it's safe to say that during baseball season, the sun rises and sets on my baseball player.  See ya dance.  Take me out to the ballgame!

My girly girls setting up shop for the first game of the season!
(technically it was the FOURTH game, but the 1st that I was able to attend.  Don't get me started)

Good eye, #4!  (see how I did that?)

This is a shot of my boy batting 'clean up.' I'm not kidding.  Only trouble there is that he has never actually 'cleaned up.'  He'll get there.  Just a couple more trips to the cages with mom dad.

If you are wondering if I'm a crazy baseball mom who yells at the umpire (ex: ARE YOU SERIOUS, BLUE!?) and takes pictures of their kid through the fence.  I'm not!  

Well, I only do one of those things.

Please, God, tell me that my mom did not just take a picture of me...

I'm scared to even look...


Sorry, bud, don't mind me!  Go get 'em tiger!

If I watched my boy play baseball every single day I would be completely content.  Well, I would probably need at least ONE dance competition.  But, actually, the girls have fun at baseball games too!  Stella made a whole clan of new friends!  There was a constant line at my feet asking if they could hold her and Stella thought it was hilarious!  Holly found a frog so her life was complete right there.

Look who found a foul ball...

What the heck is this thing anyway?  Can I eat it?

I even love the smell of my sweaty little dude after a game.  I giggle every time I wash his sliding shorts and find his nut cup in his bat bag.  I absolutely love Sammy T. Cobb more than I can even handle!  Favorite baseball player to ever live. Hands. Down.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dog House

I'm a 180 degree opposite of a dog lover.  Unfortunately, Holly is an extreme dog lover.  I thought it would be harmless to welcome a super adorable little pug puppy into our house a few years ago.  He was pretty darn cute but it didn't take long before he was on my last nerve.  Oliver was probably about as close as I have ever come to liking a dog.  I was legitimately sad when he was tragically hit by a car 2 summers ago.  I had brought him with me to my parents house because we practically live there in the summer.  They have a pool, so let's be real.  Anyways, their backyard fence was under construction and Oliver knew it.  I barely opened the back door a crack when he ran through my legs full speed ahead, zipped through that hole in the fence and darted into the street.  I literally slammed the door shut and ran to the front door to catch him.  It was already too late.  I have never felt anything like that day and hope I never have to again.  Holly came home that night and curled up in front of Oliver's dog bowls, wrapped up in his blanket and sobbed.  I could literally hear my heart crumbling into pieces as she blamed me through her tears.  That was the first and probably the last time I ever cried about a dog.

  Baby Holly introducing Oliver to our neighborhood dogs.  Such a sweet memory.

Kinda cute?

Gage's parents are huge dog lovers and jumped on this opportunity to mend Holly's broken heart by bringing them a new pug puppy.  We were so grateful to KC G&G.  It was a weekend long debate on what we were going to name this new member and Sam's Star Wars obsession trumped all.  JarJar it is.

Me and JarJar when I kinda liked him

Every day with JarJar has only made me miss Oliver more.  He's kind of a nightmare.  I do my very best at taking care of JarJar because Holly loves him.  It only makes me feel a very tiny bit bad when I hear her praying at night "God please let mom start to like JarJar."  Only a tiny bit.  When she cries because no one likes him, I tell her that I will never let anything happen to him and I promise to always make sure he has food and water.  He is important to her and that makes him important to me.  That usually stops the tears.  Doesn't stop how I feel though. 

Okay, now that you are feeling sorry for my daughter and think that I am the worse mom ever...let me tell you a little about our Pig Pug.

He likes to tip over trash cans while we are not home, eat poopy diapers, scratch at doors until they are unrecognizable, lick my baby's face, freaks out to the point of embarrassment whenever someone comes over, sheds black hairs all over Holly's bed, and my personal favorite: poop in the house.  He plays dead in the morning when the kids are getting ready for school and acts like he SOOOOO TIRED that he can't go outside.  Fine.  You win, dumb dog.  I'm taking the kids to school and will be back in 10 minutes.  10 minutes too late.  Today, he knocked over the kitchen trash, ate a whole bag of expired lunch meat, and pooped all the way down the stairs and into the basement.  I took 4 deep breaths, and put him outside.  Maybe I yelled too.  I can't remember. One hour later, after I cleaned up the mess, I stepped BAREFOOT in one remaining turd. 

That was the last time JarJar saw the inside of this house today.

How are you liking the dog house Jar?  Pun in-frickin-tended!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stella's Trip to the ER

Well, Stella baby had her first spend-the-night somewhere other than Grandma's.  That's always a big milestone for the Cobb kids.  However, Children's Hospital would probably be our last choice for a spendy.

If you're my friend on Facebook, you probably know that she was there.  You also may have noticed that I left out some major holes in between these two pictures:

To make a super long story short:  She had (has?) the flu. 

If you enjoy long stories, here are the deets:  It started Thursday evening with a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, achiness, the whole 9 yards.  Friday was 24 straight hours of agony.  Hell.  She cried for 12 hours.  I have been known to exaggerate a thing or two but this time I promise I'm not.  She cried non-frickin-stop for 12 hours and I cried for many of those hours as well.  She blew chunks every time I gave her Tylenol and she drank nothing all day.  We went to the doc friday evening and was sent home with instructions to give her pedialyte.  Oh wow, I didn't even think of that!!!  Umm, just kidding.  I've been trying all day.  She was so tired from crying and not sleeping Friday that she slept all night!  Hallelujah.  Saturday should be an upward climb!  She woke up refreshed and drank 2 oz. of water and 4 oz. of formula.  Even had a slight wet diaper.  Amen!  This day is looking up. 

Kidding again!  I dropped this sickling off with the best grandma in the world and headed to Holly's last dance competition while my boys were in Kearney, NE for the state Destination Imagination competition.  5 hours later, Jim Flowers informs us that we are probably going to die in a tornado, my boys are driving in it with 2 hours to go, and my baby hasn't moved, drank, ate, peed, or slept.  Time for the ER?   You better believe it!  Meanwhile, Spiders took 1st overall at the dance Competition, and the Cappuccinos took 5th at state.  Well done Cobb kids.

Gage made it home safe and we flew off to Children's Hospital with the sickest baby I've ever had.  Mama Stella was so brave.  They stuck an IV in her, did a chest Xray and blood draw, and we waited for results.  Her white blood count and xray were normal but her electrolytes were extremely low.  Normal for her size is 22 and she was at a 13.  She was severally dehydrated and needed to be admitted overnight to get fluids for the next 12 hours.  She had one nasty flu virus that hit her little body so hard.

*Breaking news from Debbie Downer: approximately 49,000 people die each year from the flu.

Getting some quick shut-eye in the ER

Stella cried in the ER pretty much the whole time.  Gage filled out all the paper work which might not have been the best idea.  When asked if your child has a nickname, he wrote "Punkie Wunkie."  Once we settled into room 409, the night sucked just a little more.  She would have been perfectly happy if we set flames to that "crib" in her room.  It worked out great that Stella wanted to be held because they make it pretty much impossible to sleep with a plastic couch and "recliner" that sounds like nails on a chalkboard every time it rocks.  It's probably because trips to the ER are super cheap and the hospital can't afford to get nicer furniture.  That makes sense. 

This happened every 4 painful hours.  She did, however, get lots of compliments on her always painted piggies

10pm: drinking a bottle for the first time all day!  Yay, Stella! 

The only way she would sleep was if we were holding her.  Poor poor baby. :(

One more shot of her cute pigs and that pesky ankle bracelet.

After an extremely sleepless night, Stella looked like death warmed over.  Her sibs and G&G came to visit which made her happy.  We waited for the doc to release her so we could get this poor mama baby to her own comfy bed!

Day 2:  Can she look more pathetic?

Bro and Sis were worried about their little Punkie Wunkie

Grandma had to explain to a very worried Sammy and Holly what dehydration was.  Needless to say, they have been waterlogged for the last 24 hours.
Another owie!  Our release hinges on the results of that finger prick!  (It was good news)

It just looked too tempting.  I'm glad someone enjoyed that prison.

She acted like her hand was broken and she wouldn't touch anything with the IV.  This is her drinking a tiny infant bottle with her "good hand."

Eating some snacks.  Starting to feel better, just crazy tired.  At least she rocked those scrubs.

The nurses at Children's were like angels.  They brought her some toys to play with. :)

Going home baby!  She even cracked a smile for that one!  And look...she got her hand back!

Thanks to everyone for all your Facebooking and Texting.  We were feeling the love.  That was one crazy expensive night and we are glad it's over!  The flu with babies is no joke.  Stella took one hella long nap when we got home and we totally kept the scrubs.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fox and Fish: by Holly Cobb

Last night when I got home from work, I stumbled upon this treasure.  My precious 7 year old daughter wrote a story called "Fox and Fish."  I knew as soon as I read it that there was absolutely no way I would be able to refrain from sharing it with the world.

Behold...the greatest story of friendship I've ever read. 

Fox and Fish

Once upon a time there lived a fox.  The fox loved to play.  Fox was a stinkey fox.  Fox had one friend.  His friends name was fish.  Fish was relly slimey.  They wher very best friends.  One of there favrite games was cards.  They played it evrey day.  But one day fox coulden't stand up!  His back leg was brocken!  Fox tolled fish his leg was brocken.  Fish called 911.  They said they would be there in 1 minute.  When they got there they put him in a littel bed.  Fox had to take a specile medacine.  They also had to put a cast on him.  They said he would have to stay there for a month.  As the days went by fish came to viset him.  She brought him some books and cards for them to play.  Latter that day they played cards.  Fox said thank you so much.  Finley the month went by so fish took fox home.  When they polled in the driveway fish said coles your eyes.  Why? Said fox.  Because theres just a sprise in the house for you.  Me? Said fox.  YES! Said fish.  Saprise!  Everyone in foxes family was there to celebrate him comeing home.  That night fish coulden't sleep.  Finely it was morning.  Fish tolded fox that he coulden't sleep.  And he was so tired.  Oh no! Said Fox.  We better figger this out.  Fox took fish to the docter.  The docter said he was just afraid.  Oh!  Said fish and fox.  And that was that.  THE END.

- Holly Cobb, age 7

Let me tell you...spell check had a heyday with this one!  I can't decide if my favorite part is that Fox mysteriously turned into a "she" half way through the story or that she spelled "figure" they way any good redneck would: figger.  I think she has been watching too much of her favorite show with her dad.  Hey Holls, let's lay off 'Swamp People." Sound good?

This one is a keeper, no doubt.  I found this piece of gold on the table right next to the note she left me about her field trip:

Dear mom, I need $7 for my feld trip.  I can't remember how many cents it is.  But it's due tamorow. Dad said I should just take $8.  I said okay. Can't you come to it? Love Holly

Oh, how boring my life would be without Holly Kay.  And that is that!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

They call me the paint master

I have a love/hate relationship with painting.  I love picking out colors and the way it makes a room look so new even when it's not.  I HATE getting dirty, sweaty, and sore while doing the job.  I must say though, I'm pretty darn amazing at it.  I'm kinda psycho about home improvement projects.  My husband and family make fun of me all the time and I don't even care.  When I get an idea please get out of my way because it's going to happen so fast your head will spin.  I nail it every time too. 

This weeks project was painting my bedroom and bathroom.  Before, it resembled the color of diarrhea.  Today it is a beautiful mucus color.  Diarrhea to mucus in 2 1/2 days.  Who cares if I have callus's all over my hands and it hurts to look up.  (BTW: painting the ceiling is the devil!)  I killed it!  All. By. Myself. 

I can now say that I have painted every single room in my entire house.  Some more than once.  Okay, I have to give major props to my mom because she helped me a ton in this area.  Last year when we painted Stella's room, she pretty much took that one on alone.  I also should say that Gage is always willing to help me but I usually don't let him.  He moves like a turtle and I move like lightning.  Plain and simple.  In the words of the incredibly inspiring Bachelor winner, Courtney, (hopefully you are sensing my sarcasm) "I don't do anything half ass."

Here is a picture of all the paint I have acquired over the years:

Don't worry, that's my garage.

Lots of blood, sweat, and sore muscles went into those paint cans.  I don't even need the gym.  Painting is a poor girls elliptical.

Now, I need your help.  When we moved into our house I painted the kitchen cabinets.  Go figure.  They are orange.  Well, like burnt orange.  I still like them but you might not.  Let's say (hypothetically) we wanted to sell our house.  Soon.  Would you buy a house with orange cabinets?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen! Spoiler alert: the giant bunny is a fake

My kids don't believe in the Easter bunny.  They never did.  I know, I know, what mean parents depriving their children of holiday joy.  When Sam was born, Gage and I said we weren't going to do the whole Santa/Easter bunny thing.  We wanted our kids to know the true meaning of the those 2 holiday's.  Not emphasizing Santa at Christmas lasted all the way until our kids could talk.  Ultimate backfire.  They believed hard core.  Of course, we let them, and we even welcomed a creepy Elf on the Shelf into our house last year.   However, the Easter bunny and Tooth fairy are crossing the line.  I don't think I ever fell for the EB when I was a kid even though my parents tried.  Something about a giant talking/walking bunny entering my house while I was sleeping and hopping it's way to every other child's house within a few short hours just didn't add up.  At least Santa had some badass reindeer that could fly and was able to fit crap in his bag Mary Poppins style.

Anyway, my kids really do understand Easter and all it's glory.  They know that Easter is the greatest and most important miracle in all the world.  I committed my heart to the Lord when I was 15 years old ON EASTER and every year after, I have been moved to tears at the wonder of our risen King.  I LOVE EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!  I love what Easter means for us.  Growing up in a Catholic school, we attended Stations of the Cross every Friday.  Even though it was incredibly hard to not pass out due to the encompassing cloud of incense, I kinda miss that.  I love the stations of the cross and I love Lent!  I love how the church body makes sacrifices during this season as a tradition.  It's no coincidence that Easter falls in the Spring, which is the season of new life.  Miracles everywhere you look.  It blows my mind to watch grass, trees, plants, and flowers that have been dead for months come to life.  Year after year.  I'm feeling humbled today by my Savior's unending and perfect love.  Jesus loves me.  He died for me, busted out of his grave, and is still kickin' it up in Paradise.  Now THAT is a Holiday and THAT is a dude worth celebrating!  You're beyond awesome JC! 

Last night when my kids went to bed, there was no mention of a goofy bunny.  Instead, they prayed and thanked Jesus for His sacrifice.  Man, I love those kids!  Even though EB doesn't come to our house, mom and dad still fill the baskets with goodness.

Root Root for the Cubbies!

One for One! :)

I got teary filling her basket.  Last year Easter was much later in April and I was hospitalized before that with a minor scare...I was convinced I would be spending Easter in the hospital.  Baby girl, you are perfect!  Happy 1st Easter! Now slam those Banana Puffs the way you do!

I can't wait to celebrate this day with my whole family.  I have a kick-butt family.  First off, Lifegate Church has a bomb Easter service. 

Second, we have an extremely competitive egg hunt ahead of us today.  No worries, there there will be plenty of eggs for the children to find.  However, there will only be ONE golden egg.  One golden egg that is exploding with cash.  The only rule is that THERE ARE NO RULES!  The adults pretend to be patient while the kids find their eggs so they can jump in the hunt for the good stuff.

When someone finds it, it's an uncomfortable feeling of sadness mixed with happiness.  You want to be happy for the person who found it but it's so disappointing when you look at your torn clothes covered in dirt and realize it was all for nothing.  We all fake being happy anyways.  You know what is super exciting though?  When we all decide to put MORE cash in it and hide it again!  HA!  Melrose found it last year (with the help of her competitive father) and loudly exclaimed "I FOUND THE GOLDEN EGG AND HOLLY DIDN'T!"  Real cute, Mel. 
Not this year sweetheart.

Easter 2011.  Melrose's 5 minutes of fame

This picture is far from innocent.  Uncle Mike is praying that Sam did not just find the golden treasure. Sam probably has tears in his eyes.  I'm practically positive that Holly has full blown tears and Gage is sweating profusely.  John is casually pretending to not be looking for the egg.  Let's get real folks.

Happy Resurrection day to everyone!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hosta Transplant

It's that time of year!  I live to plant flowers.  There is something so peaceful about gardening.  I love every single thing about it.  The worse part and, honestly, only downfall is that our house gets 0% sun.  This house is a Hosta's dream.  I planted some Hostas a few years ago and they have grown into some sort of flesh eating monsters that I'm literally scared of come July.  This year, I had the brilliant idea to perform a transplant  before they got too overwhelming.  So, Holly and I got on our gardening gear and dug those suckas up!


Take that sucka!

 I did that all by myself!  Moved that baby closer to the house and added a few flowers.  It may look small now but I promise you one month from now you will not believe your eyeballs.  This thing is the plant from 'Little Shop of Horrors,' I'm sure of it. 

Speaking of flesh eaters,  have I not mentioned that it also attracts hornets?  I'm actually just starting to get over the hornet attack I endured last spring.  I was VERY pregnant and got stung 9 times.  By hornets.  My body was shaking (more like convulsing) and I'm pretty sure my neighbors were laughing.  It was one of those nightmares where you try to scream but no sound comes out.  I lived and my baby came out just fine.

On a brighter note, Holly was so cute planting flowers.  She actually had more fun digging up worms and rolie polie's.  She couldn't stand to cover one back up with dirt.  I tried to explain to her that they actually prefer to be hidden in dirt than in her hand but she just couldn't get past the visual of smothering them in dirt.

Filling a cup with dirt for her insects

Way to problem solve, Holls!

I love some good QT with my little scrub.  She was so happy the whole time.  As she was digging away, she yelled "mom, we should do this everyday!"  I couldn't agree more, Holls.

This is all the sun this side of Barretts Drive is going to see.  Wish these babies luck!

 For anyone who suffers from the same shade problem as me, I HIGHLY recommend planting Begonia's.  They are basically impossible to kill.  They love the shade and will live through October with hardly any water.

Oh, Begonia's.  It only took me 4 years to find you.
 Spring Break day 4: HUGE SUCCESS!