Monday, March 19, 2012

Sad Mama

I think I have experienced (time and time again) one of the most painful things a mother can experience and I'm, quite frankly, a little sick of it.  I HATE missing my kids events and activities.  It's just not natural. 

Dear Moms with multiple children,

How the hell do you do it!?  I'm being completely serious.  How do you make it to your daughters dance competition to see her first dance, wiz to the other part of town just in time to see your son's last basketball game, and still make it back to the dance competition to see her next performance?  Obviously, I failed at this task.  Now that I have basically missed the entire basketball season where my son scored a total of 29 points (I witnessed 6) why not miss the banquet to honor him as well?

Sincerely, Sad Mama

That's my boy...#4

Pre-competition warm up.  I love how serious they look :)

Some one want to tell me which one looks more important!?!?!?!?  If you guess BOTH than welcome to my life.

Let's set one record straight:  I have a hard core awesome job.  I get to do the one thing I was actually good at in life and have a burning passion for.  God gave me a talent to not only dance but also to teach and it's unbelievabley fulfilling to make money doing those two things.  On the flip side....missing your kids' crap while working = completely unnatural.

This thursday (my favorite night at work) is my amazing 1st graders program.  I WILL be there!  With bells on!  Holly Dolly has a few lines and is singing a song in Spanish!  Like I said, bells. on.

Even though we have never attended a Willowdale Elementary Hy-Vee night (damn thursday nights) and I missed every single Girl Scout meeting, my kids know how much I love them.  Sometimes I cry.  Okay fine, a lot of times I cry.  Maybe I cried today.  Maybe I didn't.  Okay, I did.  Maybe I'm crying right now.  Who cares?  My point is, missing out on any second of their lives literally makes my heart ache. 

Dear Moms with grown children,

Is this only the beginning of the pain?  Please lie.

Sincerely, young Mama

Dear mom (my mom),

Sorry for ever making you cry.  Thank you for never working.  I know you always wanted a tomboy daughter who loved horses and instead got 4 girly daughters who danced.  Thanks for loving dance because we loved it.  I want to be like you when I grow up.

Sincerely, the brown eyed girl

Okay, I know this is Mackenzie but you guys have like 5,000,000,000 pics together!  I figured we look enough alike for this to make sense.

Dear Stay home moms-

You suck. 

Sincerely, Jealous mama

This day kinda blows and tomorrow is Tuesday which is, by FAR, the worse day of the week.  I have high hopes for Wednesday and Thursday, of course, I will have my bells on.  Buenas noches y lunes de despedida.

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