Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Genius

If parents bragging about their children drives you to drink than stop right here.  I can't let you read any further if you would rather eat your own skin than hear me tell you that my child is border line perfection.

This is one clever cat...

With looks like that, who cares if you hang out with no shirt on and make an enormous mess of your toys consistently throughout the day.  I'm not even embarrassed about the disaster on the floor.  Baby girl's brain needs to be stimulated.  I had nothing to do with that mess.  This gal's got her daddy's brains and, let's face it, her momma's humor.

Girlfriend is so crazy active 24/7 that we have no choice but to cage her in where she is safe.

Hey Mom, wanna let me out of this baby prison!?

Unlock the gate and no one gets hurt...

Okay, fine.  I'm not wearing this bow then.

At least she kept her shirt on.  I could just eat this child.

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  1. you are soooooooo right!!!!!!!!!!! she is perfect in every way!