Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is that a boy or a girl?

Quite possibly the worse question you could ask a mother with a baby.  Is that a boy or a girl?  There is no answer I could give you that makes that question okay.

Today I was pushing my GIRL in a stroller at the mall and was asked that ridiculous question.  Just to clear up the horrible confusion, this is what my baby looked like today....

What you talkin 'bout Willis!?

I stared at crazy lady for what felt like about 60 seconds, all the while refraining from asking her if she paints her son's toenails, and quietly said "girl."  She smiled and nodded as if she was saying "that's what I thought."  Oh, really?  Did you?  What gave her away? 


In the weirdo's defense, Stella had just pulled her bow off.  What a mean mommy to put her in such an identity crisis outfit.  So in reality, this is all the lady had to go off of...

Confusing, huh?

Hey lady, do you want me to hand you a tape measure so you can measure her eyelashes before making your final determination on my child's gender? 

Please ignore the crusted booger on the side of her nose and focus on the length of those eyelashes.  This is my breathtakingly adorable baby GIRL!

Good heavens!

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