Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy GOLDEN Birthday!

Gager is another year older!  This is not just any birthday either, it's a GOLDEN bday!  Thirty-One on the 31st!  Gage is not crazy about his birthday and is even less crazy about others knowing about his birthday.  This is puzzling to me because who doesn't love the world celebrating them for one day out of the year?  Whatevs.

When I met Gage, I asked him a completely normal (in my opinion) question you would ask a person you wanted to get to know..."when is your birthday!?"  After looking at me like I had 4 heads, he told me February 31st.  Can't fool this girl.  There is no such day!  That should have been my first red flag that I was to never make a big deal out of his BD, but I married him anyways.  I also make a big deal of this day against his wishes. 

I like using old pictures.  We look like infants.  We are both about 15 lbs lighter and if you look closely, you can see my wedding ring that I miss terribly after loosing it almost 3 years ago.

An open letter to my one and only:


We love you.  A lot.  You have 3 amazing kids, a spectacular wife, your dream job, a roof over your head, a car that runs, you are (only) 31 with your whole life ahead of you, and the Jayhawks are in the final four.  Reason to celebrate?  I think so! 

I noticed you don't have your birthday visible on Facebook so no one knows to wish you a good one .
Nice try, counselor.  This blog post is SOOOO going to be plastered all over your wall.

Since you don't like presents and you don't like acts of service (my personal favorites) I'm going to shower you with loving words and also try to make you laugh.  GRC, we love you a whole shit ton. 

Did it work? 

I love that it only takes me saying one curse word to get you laughing.  With that being said, Happy Birthday, you son of a bitch.

My next attempt is to acknowledge the fact that you have recently discovered pop music and it makes me laugh on a very regular basis.  So Sweets, cheers to the freakin' weekend.  I'll drink to that.  I never intend on embarrassing you on the Internet so I will not write anything about you singing Lady Gaga songs in the shower or blaring Rhianna in your car.  I also will not bring up your 'Party Rock' dance.  Defiantly not. You are a real man's man and Eddie Vedder would be proud. 

You are 31 years of solid awesomeness.  I know you get annoyed when I sing to you Kathy Troccoli's "That's How Much I Love You" while plugging my nose, but I can't help it.  Okay, I can.  I just think it's funny. 

You rock my socks, Gager.  What better way to spend this day than at a science fair Destination Imagination competition with your mini.  Only trouble is, I can't get the Austin Powers voice out of my head saying "nerd alert" when I think about it.   O well. 

I love every thing about you.  (That may have made you laugh again?) I really wouldn't change a thing. (okay, that one made ME laugh).  In all seriousness, I know I give you a hard time about how it takes you 17 hours to mow the lawn, but I PROMISE you that the pros outweigh the cons.  Besides being smoking hot, you make me feel loved and taken care of.  There is no amount of green cut grass that can top that!  I know you say that I am your first and only love and that you just happened to be lucky number 47 to me but I'm here to tell you that that is not true.  God designed you for me and prepared me my whole life to be your wife.  I don't want to live one day without you!  Thank you for loving us so much and for being you.  I love YOU.  Happy Golder Gager.  You my fave person.  Hands down.

Love, YOUR one and only.
P.S. rock chalk (in an English accent: Let's go Hawks!)

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