Monday, March 12, 2012

Double Digits

It's March 12th and we have waited 364 days for today.  Sammy started losing sleep one month ago in anticipation for this day.  My excited,  handsome, sleep deprived boy is 10!  That looks as ridiculous as it sounds.  I'm 3 months away from my 30th birthday and I have a 10 year old.  You got a problem with it?

I love this kid more than life.  Don't get me wrong, I love my daughters so much that I could never live without them but if I'm being completely honest, an extremely large portion of my heart belongs to my son.

Sammy decided he didn't want a party this year.  He didn't want presents either.  Before you start feeling too sorry for him, let me tell you what he DID want.  He wanted a trip to go see the NBA basketball team, the Minnesota Timberwolfs, play.  Also a measly little ipod touch.  No biggie. 

Guess what? 

HE GOT BOTH!  The reason is obvious.  My husband is a Lawyer and we are swimming in money and by 'swimming in money'  I mean 'drowning in student loans.'  The trip and basketball tickets were his entire gift from us.  The ipod...we made him save up for it.  As Gage would say, we are still waiting for our money tree to bloom.  Would have been nice to know before Gage decided to become a liar lawyer.

The trip was a blast and worth every penny!  We took the little Narke kids with us and left Stella Rose with G & G.  The boys went to the game and the girls hit the Mall of America.  We topped of the trip with round two at the mall and one IPOD touch rockin' ride home!  Don't worry, Sammy took plenty of pics and video on the ipod and downloaded free games like it was his job.  G & G lived up to their titles by giving both kids a little spending money.  They were very excited to bring home souvenirs but were a little overwhelmed having cash in their pocket because they wanted to buy everything.  We had a pretty solid case of 'mo money mo problems.'

Today Sammy's class is going on a field trip to the bowling alley.  He's totally siked about it because he recently discovered his hidden talent in bowling.   He will need this little pick-me-up because he is crazy tired from the fun weekend.  He didn't even turn on Sports Center this morning!  I was even prepared to let him watch it in peace and not tell him I would rather poke my eyeballs out.  Also, last week before we left for the mini vacay, by boy got braces.  He told his friends when they see him today they could just say "happy birthday brace-face."  The jokes just keep rollin' in.  Bless his little not-so-funny but completely precious heart.  Sammy Thomas, I love you so much and am so proud to be your mom!  HBD buddy boy!

Mama and her brace-face

  Catch ya later Mall of America!

Who goes on vacation and eats breakfast at Target?  WE DO!

We took a train ride to the mall and the girls were so excited because they have never been on one!
Holly:   Do people live in Minnesota?  Cuz I haven't seen any houses...
Alivia:   That's because they all live in apartments
Holly:   Oh
Alivia:   When people come to Nebraska they probably say the same thing because all they see is farms

Missy:   Ouch

The BEST part of the trip in my opinion....

Miss Sally caught wind that the girls were going to AG Bistro and had gifts waiting on our table!!!

Their mama's trained them well. :)

I laughed more on this trip than I have in a really long time.  Some of the things that flew out of Holly and Alivia's mouth is too embarrassing for this blog.   Things girls shouldn't even talk about.  Let's leave the poop and fart jokes to the boys next time, okay girls!?

Special thanks to Anita, the lady working the front desk at our hotel.  You made our stay extra fantastic and Alivia likes your eyebrows.  Big props to Gage as well, considering his two least favorite things in the entire and big crowds.

I will leave you with this photography by Sammy Cobb. 
Hope those boys brought their Kleenexes because that's what I call the NOSE BLEED!

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  1. LOVE!! very talented Momma you are! ...and precious children you have!!