Friday, February 24, 2012

Twin cousins

Meet Stella's twin cousin, Mayzie.  She is my sister, Mandy's, youngest M.

Yes, they are holding hands! :)

In the coming years, this dynamic duo is going to do some serious damage in the entertainment business. 
'American Idol' meets 'So You Think You Can Dance.'  Stella's natural turn-out and point definitely means she will be ready to hit the stage around age 3 while Mayzie sings live.

Maybe I'm wrong but you do you think this looks promising?

It's not perfect but she was only 7 months old in this pic so cut a baby some slack

On a more serious note (even though I was totally serious before) they LOVE each other!  They giggle as soon as they see each other and if you mention Dayzie Maze's name around Stella she starts searching the house like a lost puppy.  It's precious.

Oh I could just eat them!  BTW don't mention the "e" word (eat) around Mayzie.   It's clearly her favorite past time.  Stella is tiny, active, a woman on the go, and in love with Mayzie.  Mayzie is chubby, laid back, in no hurry what-so-ever, and in love with Stella.  They are a perfect balance.

        Stella:  This is a joke right?  I'm ALWAYS the leader!
     Mayzie:  Mom, I can't figure it out. Can I get a push?
Stella:  AUNT MANDY!? This is a joke right!? 

Side note:  We like to think Mayzie (AKA: baby Adele) has a really deep voice when we put words in her head.  It just seems fitting.  Stella talks super fast.  Also fitting.  Read the captions like that and it is much more entertaining.

                   Stella:  Much Better. This is what I'm talking about! YEE-HAA!
  Mayzie:  Just go slow.  Uncle Gage, can I get a spot?

Every time this duo is together they fall deeper in love.  Speaking of duo's: there will not be one.  There will be a TRIO!  While amongst friends 3 may be a crowd, amongst cousins it's a triple threat.  Pippa is doing a little growing while in North Carolina which is outstanding because by the time she gets here she will be ready to rock it out.  Basically the only thing Stell and Mayz are missing is Pippsqueak.  Life is ALMOST perfect. We were thinking she could ride the pegs on the back of the pony?  We can't wait for that chick to get here!!!!

                                       Stella: So I was skyping with Pippa yesterday...
      Mayzie: WHAT!? That's no fair!
 Stella:  I told her you said hi.

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  1. Missy you are the best blogger ever.. I love all your blogs and look forward to reading every single one of them. They are like a movie that makes you laugh and cry. Love it..:)