Friday, February 10, 2012

S(no)W fun

SnoW fun. I debated if I should call this post 'snow fun' or 'so fun' or 'no fun' or maybe 'now fun.'
Maybe it's all of the above.

This has been a "winter" that will go down in history for us. Is it so hard to just give us one flippin' snow day? I don't mean wait till I leave town and pile on 6 feet of snow that cancels all fun activities for my kids only to have it all melt the next day. Not what I mean. I want at least ONE legit snow day. The kind that keeps us all home from school and gives me an unexpected night off work.

I mean last week we were doing this:

Beautiful spring like weather at the park.

And this week we are doing this:

Leftover snow from last weekend but not nearly enough to give us a blessed snow day.

I mean what the heck is this winter anyway? Whatever it is, I'm totally over it. Bring on the Spring! I just signed Sam up for a hitting camp and I can almost smell my sweaty little baseball player. We are ready to ring in the next decade of Sammy's life when he turns 10 next month! Stella Rose is moments away from taking her first steps and Holly is as ready as she'll ever be for competition season to start.

The snow is only fun for so long anyway.

You rock that bedhead Sammy Boy.

My Snow Angel loves the snow. Shocker.

There ya have it. We now have official memories that it was winter for a few days this year.

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