Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My funny Valentines

This year Gage and I made the kids Valentine's and wrote out all (a few) of the reasons we love them. It was a hit this morning.

Some of my favorites were: To Holly, Mom- because you will always be the oldest girl in our family and all the little girls look up to you. Dad- because you are the only girl I know who can freeze their balls off. Mom- becuase you give the worlds best hugs and I love praying with you at night. Dad- because no one makes a better 6 oz bottle for Stella.
To Sam, Mom- because you are the sweetest big brother to Holly and Stella, they are so lucky! Dad- because without you we wouldn't eat bacon on the weekends. Mom- you are the only one with brown eyes and I melt when I look at them. Dad- you are my only son and my best buddy.

They loved it!

Stella got a Valentine too. She actually fell in love with Minnie Mouse at Target yesterday and threw a minor tantrum when I put it back. Don't worry Stell Bell, mama has your back.

This picture cracks me up. She is looking at Sam and Holly and you can almost hear her thinking "see guys, all you have to do is give mom one of these looks and you get exactly what you want."
This Disney classic is now a part of our family.

In case you are wondering, Stella got that hat yesterday around 2:30pm and has been wearing it since.

Obviously, the joy of showing my kids some love is enough for me today but it doesn't end there. Sammy made me and Gage a Valentine too. Behold...

Origami hearts! They are incredible. Precious beyond belief. When you squeeze the back they actually beat! Be still my heart. The real one.

Gage and I also have a Valentine tradition that we started 2 years ago. Get your mind out of the gutter this is a family blog!

Anyway, we don't need a fancy dinner. Just 2 slices of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake to go and we are happy campers! We decided to have them last night since I work late tonight. I'm actually embarrased at the size of my slice but feel a little better about myself that I was only able to eat half.

Don't worry about me. I'm sure I'll figure out a way to finish it up.

Even though our time together as a family today was short, it was full of love. Off to work for Gage and school for the big kids. Stella is napping and this paparazzi room mom is heading up to school later for Valentine parties. My heart if very full! Only thing missing today is a normal picture of all 3 of my kids.

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