Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My poor dad was dealt a hand of 4 daughters and 6 grand-daughters.  He knows far too much about menstrual cycles, pregnancy hormones, pedicures, and dance drama.  He has learned well how to 'walk away' when he hears the words: nail polish, boobs, bikini, thong, PMS, tampon, ovulation, gynecologist, or any others of that sort.  He's a good man.

Because the good Lord knew he would be hearing those words quite frequently he blessed him with one son.  All a guy needs!  When that one son grew up and moved out, this good man was blessed yet again.  With one grandson.

Sammy loves my dad a super crazy amount.  It melts my heart to see them together.  Their relationship is simply precious.   My dad has a very dry humor and likes to joke around.  All the time.  Sammy, bless his heart, not so much.  He takes everything very serious and literal.  Good thing he is forgiving as well.

Last summer my dad gave Sam a fake ONE MILLION dollar bill.  He told him he only had 2 and he wanted Sam to have one.  With eyes wide and jaw dropped, Sammy simply told him:  "Wow, grandpa!  I can't except that.  I don't think my parents would want me to take that much money from someone."

Amazing, son.  It warms my heart to know that we have raised such a humble little boy.  For the future, whenever someone offers you $1,000,000 you ALWAYS accept it. 

Dad?  You suck.  While this would have been a very funny prank on you when you were a kid, you should be counting your lucky stars that Sam loves you no matter what.  Sammy don't do pranks.  He's already dreading April Fools Day.

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