Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ask and you shall recieve

One week ago my facebook status said this:

KU vs. MU Feb 25th in Larry town. Who has 2 tickets for me? I'll be your best friend!
 You know why I wrote that?  Because I love basketball and am dying to see this game!  Jk.  I can't stand basketball.
My boys love it.  I thought maybe I could weasel my way into getting 2 tickets and surprise them.  I realized within minutes that I was delusional.  Those tickets are currently selling for around $500 a piece. 
As luck should have it, my bro-in-law won 2 tickets to this weekends game from the radio station in Wichita and can't use them.  I'd say that's the next best thing.  Ask and you shall receive.   Gage and Sam are so excited they can barely breathe.  They are decked out in blue and headed to Lawrence!

Dear Sammy,
I bleed red.  I am a born and raised Husker fan.  However, over the years my Cornhusker loving spirit has been stifled to barely nothing by your Jayhawk loving father.  Yes, I did attend the University of Kansas.  Why, you ask?  Kansas seemed like a nice state and I rolled down there one weekend to ask them if they had a dance team.  They laughed at me.  Apparently their dance team is a big deal there.  I asked when try-outs where and they said "next weekend." I told them I would be back.  As if they cared.  I went back and made it.  The end.
Cool story, huh?
I'm pretty sure God put me on that dance team so your dad could have bragging rights.  You see, the almighty Crimson Girls are much cooler in his eyes than they ever were in mine.  I loved my fellow CG's very much and am thankful that they were a part of my life but lets get real.  I'm no cheerleader.   I know you want more than anything to also attend KU and we promise to support that.  Your dad will tell you that KU is perfect in every way and that the city of Lawrence has no flaws.   My experience was not as rosey as his but in my defense it was a big adjustment coming from a football crazed state that barely recognizes basketball as a sport.   

Reasons I loved KU:
1. I made great friends and still Facebook stalk keep in touch with them.
2. I met your dad.   (In no particular order, Sweets.  You ARE #1!)
3. Wesco beach!  Complete with preaching hippies and no water, this is a great hang out. 
4. Mass Street: Yummy food and cool stores.  
5. The Campus really is beautiful.  The buildings are breathtaking and I sometimes miss looking at them. 
6. Late Night with Roy Williams.  Sorry, Roy is not there anymore and you will never get to see how obsessed a city can be over one human being.  Please don't listen to your dad when he tells you I'm wrong here.  HE WAS ON THE COVER OF THE PHONE BOOK!

Reasons I found KU annoying:
1. Their football team sucked bad.  No one went to the games that I was required to attend.  You won't have to worry about that when you go there though.  So I've been told.
2. I hate basketball.  The squeaking of shoes on the court and constant running gives me a migraine.  Not to mention how I feel claustrophobic in the crowded stands with no fresh air.  Please continue to pursue your love of baseball.
3. Rush or die.  The motto at KU, I'm pretty sure.  I'm even less of a sorority girl than I am a cheerleader.

4. The buses stink.  Just sayin'.
Okay, so I guess the pros outweigh the cons.  I have no doubt you are going to fall in love with KU as soon as you step foot on that campus.  Although the Kansas/Missouri rivalry is historic and I wish you could witness it first hand, at least I don't have to worry about the fans wearing their Muck Fizzou shirts.  I'm pretty confident your dad would tell you exactly what those mean.  When you walk into Allen Fieldhouse and you feel like peeing your pants, just remember what I told you: breathe if you hate Missouri.
Rock Chalk!
Love, Mom

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