Monday, January 16, 2012

We hate goodbyes

The Staycation is over. Uncle Tommy and Aunt Betty have headed back to North Carolina and they took Pippa the Pipsqueak with them. We are big fans of them being in Omaha and NOT big fans of them being in NC.

When Uncle Tommy and Fun Betty are in town there is a constant party/vacation feel to life. No one wants to go to work or school (so we skipped yesterday). We just want to all be lazy and watch the kids rip grandma's house apart.

Obviously, we must go on with life but we are so happy to have spent the last few weeks with the little Pipsqueak. We have had a blast getting to know our little Irish Mexican cousin. Stella will probably always take charge of the pack as they grow up while Lazy Mayzie goes with the flow and Pippa will be the toughest little chick this city has ever seen. She will be funny like her mama and tough like her daddy. I'm pretty sure she is going to be rediculously adorable, love the outdoors, and have a killer tan all year round. Stella and her glow in the dark skin will be jealous.

Back to reality we all go. Aunt Betty will get to catch up sleep while Uncle Tommy fights the bad guys and Grandpa will put the house back together. Grandma will be sad for a while but quickly reminded of her importance in our lives as the 3 M's bust through her door later today. Aunt Kenzie has children throughout the city to care for and Aunt Kayla needs to get her torn ACL repaired. (she took the fun to another level)

We are going to miss the out-of-towners so much and can't wait for their next trip home! Pippa is perfect in every way and we are so excited to see the 3 babies grow up together. According to her daddy, the next time we see her, she will be wearing nothing but a diaper and cowboy boots. Can't wait!

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  1. LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!! I was like a water hose when I was reading it to Tommy on the way home from the Airport... We already miss you guys a lot and it is just a joy being there..:) Who would have thought at proud Texan would love Nebraska so much.