Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Aside from my amazing husband and children, my favorite part of my life, no question, is my 3 sisters. I am getting tickle attacks just thinking about them! (that's what we call it when we get super excited and there are no words. They know)

My older sis, Mandy, is my best friend. There WAS a (short) period of life - sometime between 15 and 16 - when she thought I didn't like her. She was boy crazy. And I'm being generous. We shared a room our entire life. Entire life. I put up with lots of annoying phone conversations, costume changes, SINGING!, and hours in front of the mirror. At the end of the day, she was always my best friend and that trumped all. What girl doesn't look up to their big sis? She's taught me a lot about what it means to be a bride of Christ.

She left for College and I cried. A lot. Starting on the plane ride home. I got myself into a bit of a pickle while she was away (another entry, another day) and she moved home to my rescue without looking back. (unless you count her moving back 2 years later) Anyway..
We've planned weddings together, raise kids together, work together, carpool almost everywhere, we live 1.75 minutes from eachother and wouldn't dream of going 1 day without communicating our daily schedules to eachother. Bottom line - life without her would just plain suck.

I have 2 younger sisters who would definately tell you they are eachother's BF's. They are precious to me in their own ways.

Okay, twist my arm. I'll tell you about them too!!!

Mackenzie, (on the right) is 6 years younger than me. When I see my daughters together (Holly, 7 and Stella, 8mo) I see me and Mack when we were little. I was SO proud of our little spud Mackenzie. Just like Holly is of Stella. Mackenzie always was and 100% still is a little mama. So nurtering and tender hearted. I'm not kidding, her heart is amazing. If you know her, you are nodding along in agreement with me. She has the ability to see the best in everyone.

When Mackenzie was a teenager, I used to brag to my friends about her and say that she wasn't your average teen! She could give two poops about boys, parties, or any other nonsense teens take part in. She would ditch any party for a game night with the fam or Hannaha Montana marathon with her neices. She was also the most in demand babysitter in the entire city of Omaha. Did someone say "Smurfs" is in the theaters!? She's on it! Gather up all nieces, nephew, cousins, and small children in the entire metro area, Kenzie Jo Jo is coming to pick them up!

Mackenzie loves the Lord and is going to rock the nations some day. Look out! This is a pic of her last summer right before she left for India.

Now, let me tell you about the red-headed caboose. I was 10 years old when baby Makayla was born. My first taste of motherhood. I, along with every member of my family, took care of her every need. I was, however, too young to understand that EVERYBODY thought their baby was the cutest in the world. I just really thought that WE had the cutest baby in the entire world. How nice of God to give our family the cutest and happiest baby in all existance. Judging from other people's reactions to her red curls, dimples, and constant smile- I knew they all agreed.

The motherly feelings I have toward Makayla only grew stronger as her little gumby (literaly) body grew. Even when I went off to college, I felt the need to drive home from Larry town every time there was a gymnastic meet. Oh and boy oh boy do I remember the day she turned in her "gymnast" sophie shorts for ones that said "dancer" on the butt! Oh yeah baby! I won't go into detail about Makayla's life as a dancer or the feelings I get in my heart when I watch her on stage. It's too beautiful to put into words. So here:

That's her standing.

10 years seems like a lot and it kinda was growing up. She's an adult now and the age gap seems insignificat. We work together and I have oodles of respect for her and the woman she has become. But I can't help feeling like ONE of her mom's. Whatever boy snatches her up has a lot of people to answer to. Just saying.

*side note: I'm pretty sure Makayla invented the saying "just saying."

Now it wouldn't be fair if I didn't tell you that we have one amazing brother that lands smack dab in the middle of us. He's kinda like a super hero and we all love him. A lot. A year and a half ago he gave us the best present in all the world. ANOTHER SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We LOVE fun Betty!

I can't even think of my sisters without smiling. Sisters ARE the best thing since sliced bread.


  1. Makes me cry with joy, that God is giving Molly such an amazing gift w/ our baby girl! Love how you write!

  2. What beautiful girls you all are..I sure miss you and im glad you are blogging...