Friday, January 20, 2012

The Little Things

Stella loves the wind. We discovered this yesterday when it was a beautiful 55 degrees outside. In January. In Nebraska. On this rare occasion (although not so rare this winter) I took her out of her car seat to head into the store. FYI: it is quite a luxury when you no longer HAVE to carry that darn car seat in everywhere you go. Anyhow, she giggled so hard every time the wind blew in her face. On our trip in AND our trip out. Precious!

I've always been a sucker for nature myself. Something as simple as 'trees' are a constant reminder that we serve a God of miracles. Flowers popping up out of nowhere in the Spring and leaves changing colors in the Fall. Snowflakes falling in the Winter and the incredible speed that grass grows in the Summer. Amazing. These things seriously boggle my mind on a regular basis. Maybe I think too much. Or to deep. I never really was the "outdoorsy" type of girl but I love nature. If I had an endless supply of time and money I would spend my whole summer gardening. And swimming. I'm addicted to the sun. Planting flowers make me happy. Building snowmen and jumping in a pile of leaves will never get old. I could watch my kids ride their bikes for hours and I even like the dirt smell that they have after doing it.

I often day dream of having beautiful patio furniture that I can sit on at 5am every morning while sipping my coffee and watching the sun rise. I picture Gage and I as one of those old couples that hold hands in their sleep and drink their coffee together at the butt-crack of dawn everyday. Someday, Sweets. Someday Gage will like coffee...and waking up early.

The little things keep me going very day. For example: The Cobb Mobb BS (blogspot) got a face life! There were a few things about the old layout that bugged me and this one makes me happy. I get excited when I figure things out. For example: you can now follow me via email in that handy little email box on the right. I won't even know! So keep on creepin' on. I personally love a good creep. That's what having a public blog -or any social network- is all about! I kinda love blogging and may even be addicted. I finally got a new lens for my camera and taking pictures is much more exciting these days!

Life can be crazy sometimes. Obviously, I'm talking about being in the car for hours everyday running kids all over town, making baby food almost everyday, picking up dry-cleaning, doing the dishes every flippin' day, working part-time, and trying to make deadlines (for the record, this is my FIRST year not turning in my recital music on time). However, the little things make it all worth it. Hearing my kids say "I had a great day at school" puts the biggest smile on my face. Because, let me tell ya, this is not something I hear everyday.

Holly has "the best day ever" at least once a week. Little things: This morning she slipped into a new pair of socks and we talked about how much we both love putting on new socks for the first time.

Sammy tells me constantly that there is NO WAY a mom better than me exists. Little things: His new favorite past time is coming up with interesting ways to shoot a basket on his new hoop. He calls it the 'Sam Dunk.'

Oh, and Stella loves the wind.

Seriously? The little things keep me going. Today it's a full tank of gas, a fresh pot of coffee, and a new pair of socks.


  1. I really look forward to your blog and you just make me smile..:)

  2. Thank you for Loving Creepers....That's Me with The Mickells family :)