Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holly Holly Kay Kay

*WARNING: The following contains material that resembles the show 'Dance Moms' and 'Hoarders.'

I know baby Holly is not a baby anymore but she still FEELS like my baby Holly. She is 7 years old now, in 1st grade, and the last time we counted her freckles she was up to 127. She loves life enough for all of us to feed on when we are having a bad day. Holly really is the glue in our family. If I loose my keys (happens alot) I can count on Holly to tell me exactly where they are. She knows everyones schedules and daily routines. We never leave for school in the morning without her saying something like "Sam it's your library day, do you have your book?" or "Mom, don't forget I have student council today and remember to get dog food." She comes in handy when you have a memory like mine. I have realized it's not worth going to the grocery store unless I have her with me. She reminds me of everything I need to get, she scans my groceries, bags them, helps me load them up and puts them away when we get home. :) She just makes me smile.

When she was little(er) I told people she was my girly tomboy. She's the little girl you will find digging for worms with a purse over her shoulder. She's kinda scrubby but also loves high fashion. She hates bathing but insists on skirts or dresses every day. Her room smells like a pet store but her closet is rockin. If I left it up to her, everyday she would have a rat's nest hairdo with a gaudy dress and funky tights topped with shoes that don't match but have lots of bling. The days you DO see Holly looking like this (about twice a week) it's because I was too tired to fight with her. She claims Stella is more lucky than her because she actually likes taking baths and her hair dries faster.
L. O. frickn' L! Really Holly? Her 3 strands of hair dry faster therefore she has a better life than you? This kid cracks me up!

Notice the french tips under all that mud?

Speaking of making me smile... Holly is on the Jumpstart team at ND this year. Nebraska Dance is where I work and where Holly spends 6 hours of her time every week.

quick side note: does it make me crazy if I think the moms on DANCE MOMS are not THAT crazy?

Anyway. I promised myself I wouldn't push dance on Holly if she showed no interest in it. That I truely meant. Well lucky for me that hasn't happened! Holly LOVES dance and I LOVE watching her! This is our first year for competitions, custom made costumes, red lips and rhinestones, 3 nights a week, strict tight buns/black leotard/pink tights with occasional funky booty shorts to friday rehersals. Aren't you glad I warned you?

Although Holly and I share our love for dance, in every other area of life she couldn't be more opposite of me. She actually reminds me so much of my youngest sister Makayla when she was little, 180 degree opposite of young Missy. You can read about Funky Fresh Aunt Kayla in a previous post. I haven't figured out how to link it here yet.

I was quiet, shy, and kept to myself. Holly is outgoing, not afraid of anything, and if she gets to know you too well I'm afraid she might moon you. My apologies to the swim teacher.

Holly has an insane love for crafts and making messes. The bigger the mess the better the artwork. This is going to get ugly. I'm pretty sure Holly is the biggest mess maker has ever seen. For example: This is Holly's room on a good day:

I even picked up a little before taking that picture.

Holly is the sweetest little mommy to her baby sister and adores her big brother. She treasures her dates with her dad (especially those father/daugher dances...melt my heart!) and wants to be everything I am when she grows up. She really really loves her friends and talks about them all the time. ALL the time. Is KatieAlyssaAlivaMolly one word? It is in our house.

A long time ago (before flawless Stella entered our life) I was asked to sum my kids up in one word. Kinda hard to do. The best I could come up with is Sammy MELTS my heart and Holly bring my heart JOY. I tell Holly everynight "I could never live without you" and she squeezes my neck so hard that I can't breathe. Every family deserves a kid like Holly. She is the glue and she keeps me sane.

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