Thursday, January 19, 2012


Besides being a total babe, my husband is the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. Literally. I wish I could say that I have this same quality and I used to think I was pretty giving...until I met him. I definitely value people and relationships over "things" but my husband takes it up a notch. If you like something of Gage's all you have to do is tell him and then BAM. It's yours.

Now, I didn't get mad when he gave uncle Mike his brand new track jacket. After all, he is a P.E. teacher and could get a lot more use out of it. That one made sense. It also didn't bother me when he gave his best friend from college his favorite KU hat. They only see each other once every couple years and it seemed kinda sweet actually. I have to admit, I even kinda laughed when he gave our neighbor, the handyman, the tools he got for Christmas. However, if one more person at work compliments his ties I may have to step in.

When Gage and I play the "if I had a million dollars" game (you know you've done it) this is usually how it goes: I always start with "pay off student loans, buy a huge house, take the kids to Disney World etc." Gage leads with "I would give...., then give..., then give..." Shuts me right up every time. He's not interested in name brands or the latest trends. He's the guy that spends any cash in his pocket on someone else's lunch and ALWAYS pays the extra dollar for make-a-wish or kids with diabetes at the grocery store. And why would you tip your waitress 20% when you could tip them 25% and really make their day?

The truth is I love this quality about my husband and wouldn't change it if I could. He's taught me a thing or two about holding your treasures in heaven. We are pretty darn temporary on this planet and if giving away our "things" increases the jewels in my crown than count me in! This is one seriously humble man I married. He knows how to work hard and would give his right arm (or entire wardrobe) to provide for his family. He makes me laugh everyday and even when I want to kill him I still think he's pretty darn amazing.

Trying to get a normal picture taken with Gage is almost as funny as Sam being the photographer.

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  1. You are quite amazing at this blog writing, you make me want to cry every single time.. You are pretty amazing and describing what your heart feels..:)