Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pick your battles

Some days I just want to scream. I'm sure every mom feels this way. At least that's what I tell myself and I will continue to do so even if I'm wrong. I could seriously drive myself crazy if I let every little thing get to me. Holly likes to pick out some wack outfits. Matching is for the birds. Patterns and textures and colors oh my! That's how she rolls.

Sammy likes to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts. Period. Jeans are for losers and coats for the weak.

Now onto my poor innocent baby. Mommy left her for almost the whole weekend. Last weekend was all about Holly and her big performance so Stella spent lots of one on one with daddy. Gage is a great dad and loves his baby so so much. The weekend went swimmingly except for one minor detail. Mommy forgot to lay out Stella's clothes before she left for the day. Nothing screams MY MOM IS GONE like a Halloween outfit in January. I wish I could stop at that sentence but it gets a little worse. Babies grow like weeds and obviously Stella is no longer wearing 3-6 month clothing like she was in October. What used to be pants are now capris. Orange and black striped ones with a pumpkin on the butt. However, you cannot see the pumpkin because he put the onesie OVER her pants.

If anyone can pull this look off it's you Stella Rose.

I have to choose my battles or I will loose my mind. Coming home at 10pm from a long night at work to a house that is just short of a tornado or Holly "forgetting" to brush her teeth before school. These problems are minor in the big picture. I only get minor panic attacks when I think about how I'm going KC this weekend. Alone. Without my family. Like I said, Gage is a great dad and I know my kids will be loved and taken care of. However, the details that daddy's tend to not notice give me minor panic attacks. Will Holly brush her hair? Will Sam remember his water for his basketball game? Will Stella have season appropriate clothing on her body? Breathe. Breathe.

Maybe a weekend away with some of my favorite dancers is just what this mama needs.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Excited Spider

At the risk of sounding like a complete lunatic, this is a memory I want documented forever! Our first January Show!!!!

4 exclamation points doesn't even do justice to our (Holly and I's) excitement! January shows are kinda a big deal. The first big deal of the year. Full hair, full make-up, fishnets and freeforms, and the first time in costumes on stage with an audience that purchased tickets. This is going to be one rockin' weekend. Holly woke up Monday morning and said "I WISH IT WAS FRIDAY!" True dat Holls.

We've practiced those buns twice now and we got this! Everything we need is purchased and ready to rock. I've heard a super funky version of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Fancy Nancy" playing on the ipod speakers for 2 straight weeks and I think I know the dances by heart. Don't worry I won't be doing them in the audience, Holly does them in her sleep.

I can't wait to see my little mama bust a move at the Music Hall for the first time. We plan on making many more trips to that building in the future and I don't ever want to forget how excited she (we) were the very first time! Have no fear FB friends. An entire album will follow the show. I've been known to be the paparazzi at rehearsals. These costumes are sure to knock your socks off! I think the Spider costumes scream YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY RHINESTONES! Fancy Nancy costumes are a no-brainer. Nancy is their name and Fancy is their game. So smile big Spiders and Fancy Nancy's because this mama is R-E-A-D-Y!

Holly decided to practice for me tonight. I'm pretty sure when she fell out of her single turn she decided to finish strong by turning it into a comedy show. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Lots of skipping...

AHHHH!!! Tickle attacks!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Little Things

Stella loves the wind. We discovered this yesterday when it was a beautiful 55 degrees outside. In January. In Nebraska. On this rare occasion (although not so rare this winter) I took her out of her car seat to head into the store. FYI: it is quite a luxury when you no longer HAVE to carry that darn car seat in everywhere you go. Anyhow, she giggled so hard every time the wind blew in her face. On our trip in AND our trip out. Precious!

I've always been a sucker for nature myself. Something as simple as 'trees' are a constant reminder that we serve a God of miracles. Flowers popping up out of nowhere in the Spring and leaves changing colors in the Fall. Snowflakes falling in the Winter and the incredible speed that grass grows in the Summer. Amazing. These things seriously boggle my mind on a regular basis. Maybe I think too much. Or to deep. I never really was the "outdoorsy" type of girl but I love nature. If I had an endless supply of time and money I would spend my whole summer gardening. And swimming. I'm addicted to the sun. Planting flowers make me happy. Building snowmen and jumping in a pile of leaves will never get old. I could watch my kids ride their bikes for hours and I even like the dirt smell that they have after doing it.

I often day dream of having beautiful patio furniture that I can sit on at 5am every morning while sipping my coffee and watching the sun rise. I picture Gage and I as one of those old couples that hold hands in their sleep and drink their coffee together at the butt-crack of dawn everyday. Someday, Sweets. Someday Gage will like coffee...and waking up early.

The little things keep me going very day. For example: The Cobb Mobb BS (blogspot) got a face life! There were a few things about the old layout that bugged me and this one makes me happy. I get excited when I figure things out. For example: you can now follow me via email in that handy little email box on the right. I won't even know! So keep on creepin' on. I personally love a good creep. That's what having a public blog -or any social network- is all about! I kinda love blogging and may even be addicted. I finally got a new lens for my camera and taking pictures is much more exciting these days!

Life can be crazy sometimes. Obviously, I'm talking about being in the car for hours everyday running kids all over town, making baby food almost everyday, picking up dry-cleaning, doing the dishes every flippin' day, working part-time, and trying to make deadlines (for the record, this is my FIRST year not turning in my recital music on time). However, the little things make it all worth it. Hearing my kids say "I had a great day at school" puts the biggest smile on my face. Because, let me tell ya, this is not something I hear everyday.

Holly has "the best day ever" at least once a week. Little things: This morning she slipped into a new pair of socks and we talked about how much we both love putting on new socks for the first time.

Sammy tells me constantly that there is NO WAY a mom better than me exists. Little things: His new favorite past time is coming up with interesting ways to shoot a basket on his new hoop. He calls it the 'Sam Dunk.'

Oh, and Stella loves the wind.

Seriously? The little things keep me going. Today it's a full tank of gas, a fresh pot of coffee, and a new pair of socks.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Besides being a total babe, my husband is the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. Literally. I wish I could say that I have this same quality and I used to think I was pretty giving...until I met him. I definitely value people and relationships over "things" but my husband takes it up a notch. If you like something of Gage's all you have to do is tell him and then BAM. It's yours.

Now, I didn't get mad when he gave uncle Mike his brand new track jacket. After all, he is a P.E. teacher and could get a lot more use out of it. That one made sense. It also didn't bother me when he gave his best friend from college his favorite KU hat. They only see each other once every couple years and it seemed kinda sweet actually. I have to admit, I even kinda laughed when he gave our neighbor, the handyman, the tools he got for Christmas. However, if one more person at work compliments his ties I may have to step in.

When Gage and I play the "if I had a million dollars" game (you know you've done it) this is usually how it goes: I always start with "pay off student loans, buy a huge house, take the kids to Disney World etc." Gage leads with "I would give...., then give..., then give..." Shuts me right up every time. He's not interested in name brands or the latest trends. He's the guy that spends any cash in his pocket on someone else's lunch and ALWAYS pays the extra dollar for make-a-wish or kids with diabetes at the grocery store. And why would you tip your waitress 20% when you could tip them 25% and really make their day?

The truth is I love this quality about my husband and wouldn't change it if I could. He's taught me a thing or two about holding your treasures in heaven. We are pretty darn temporary on this planet and if giving away our "things" increases the jewels in my crown than count me in! This is one seriously humble man I married. He knows how to work hard and would give his right arm (or entire wardrobe) to provide for his family. He makes me laugh everyday and even when I want to kill him I still think he's pretty darn amazing.

Trying to get a normal picture taken with Gage is almost as funny as Sam being the photographer.

Monday, January 16, 2012

We hate goodbyes

The Staycation is over. Uncle Tommy and Aunt Betty have headed back to North Carolina and they took Pippa the Pipsqueak with them. We are big fans of them being in Omaha and NOT big fans of them being in NC.

When Uncle Tommy and Fun Betty are in town there is a constant party/vacation feel to life. No one wants to go to work or school (so we skipped yesterday). We just want to all be lazy and watch the kids rip grandma's house apart.

Obviously, we must go on with life but we are so happy to have spent the last few weeks with the little Pipsqueak. We have had a blast getting to know our little Irish Mexican cousin. Stella will probably always take charge of the pack as they grow up while Lazy Mayzie goes with the flow and Pippa will be the toughest little chick this city has ever seen. She will be funny like her mama and tough like her daddy. I'm pretty sure she is going to be rediculously adorable, love the outdoors, and have a killer tan all year round. Stella and her glow in the dark skin will be jealous.

Back to reality we all go. Aunt Betty will get to catch up sleep while Uncle Tommy fights the bad guys and Grandpa will put the house back together. Grandma will be sad for a while but quickly reminded of her importance in our lives as the 3 M's bust through her door later today. Aunt Kenzie has children throughout the city to care for and Aunt Kayla needs to get her torn ACL repaired. (she took the fun to another level)

We are going to miss the out-of-towners so much and can't wait for their next trip home! Pippa is perfect in every way and we are so excited to see the 3 babies grow up together. According to her daddy, the next time we see her, she will be wearing nothing but a diaper and cowboy boots. Can't wait!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holly Holly Kay Kay

*WARNING: The following contains material that resembles the show 'Dance Moms' and 'Hoarders.'

I know baby Holly is not a baby anymore but she still FEELS like my baby Holly. She is 7 years old now, in 1st grade, and the last time we counted her freckles she was up to 127. She loves life enough for all of us to feed on when we are having a bad day. Holly really is the glue in our family. If I loose my keys (happens alot) I can count on Holly to tell me exactly where they are. She knows everyones schedules and daily routines. We never leave for school in the morning without her saying something like "Sam it's your library day, do you have your book?" or "Mom, don't forget I have student council today and remember to get dog food." She comes in handy when you have a memory like mine. I have realized it's not worth going to the grocery store unless I have her with me. She reminds me of everything I need to get, she scans my groceries, bags them, helps me load them up and puts them away when we get home. :) She just makes me smile.

When she was little(er) I told people she was my girly tomboy. She's the little girl you will find digging for worms with a purse over her shoulder. She's kinda scrubby but also loves high fashion. She hates bathing but insists on skirts or dresses every day. Her room smells like a pet store but her closet is rockin. If I left it up to her, everyday she would have a rat's nest hairdo with a gaudy dress and funky tights topped with shoes that don't match but have lots of bling. The days you DO see Holly looking like this (about twice a week) it's because I was too tired to fight with her. She claims Stella is more lucky than her because she actually likes taking baths and her hair dries faster.
L. O. frickn' L! Really Holly? Her 3 strands of hair dry faster therefore she has a better life than you? This kid cracks me up!

Notice the french tips under all that mud?

Speaking of making me smile... Holly is on the Jumpstart team at ND this year. Nebraska Dance is where I work and where Holly spends 6 hours of her time every week.

quick side note: does it make me crazy if I think the moms on DANCE MOMS are not THAT crazy?

Anyway. I promised myself I wouldn't push dance on Holly if she showed no interest in it. That I truely meant. Well lucky for me that hasn't happened! Holly LOVES dance and I LOVE watching her! This is our first year for competitions, custom made costumes, red lips and rhinestones, 3 nights a week, strict tight buns/black leotard/pink tights with occasional funky booty shorts to friday rehersals. Aren't you glad I warned you?

Although Holly and I share our love for dance, in every other area of life she couldn't be more opposite of me. She actually reminds me so much of my youngest sister Makayla when she was little, 180 degree opposite of young Missy. You can read about Funky Fresh Aunt Kayla in a previous post. I haven't figured out how to link it here yet.

I was quiet, shy, and kept to myself. Holly is outgoing, not afraid of anything, and if she gets to know you too well I'm afraid she might moon you. My apologies to the swim teacher.

Holly has an insane love for crafts and making messes. The bigger the mess the better the artwork. This is going to get ugly. I'm pretty sure Holly is the biggest mess maker blogspot.com has ever seen. For example: This is Holly's room on a good day:

I even picked up a little before taking that picture.

Holly is the sweetest little mommy to her baby sister and adores her big brother. She treasures her dates with her dad (especially those father/daugher dances...melt my heart!) and wants to be everything I am when she grows up. She really really loves her friends and talks about them all the time. ALL the time. Is KatieAlyssaAlivaMolly one word? It is in our house.

A long time ago (before flawless Stella entered our life) I was asked to sum my kids up in one word. Kinda hard to do. The best I could come up with is Sammy MELTS my heart and Holly bring my heart JOY. I tell Holly everynight "I could never live without you" and she squeezes my neck so hard that I can't breathe. Every family deserves a kid like Holly. She is the glue and she keeps me sane.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stell the Rose

Not bragging is going to be MUCH harder when talking about my perfect baby Stella Rose. She is only 8 months old and therefore, has yet to do any wrong. Stella has been sleeping through the night about 12-14 hours since she was 4 weeks old, she loves her home-made fruits and veggie baby food, she started speed crawling when she was a little over 6 months, pulls herself up to stand anywhere she can, watches Baby Einstein likes it's going out of style, and loves loves loves her family! Told ya she was perfect.

Stella has brought more joy to our family than I could ever explain. We worked hard for this one. We were ready this time. Not that we weren't ready the first two times. It's just that...well...we weren't ready. After having 2 miscarriages, there was a hole in my heart that could only be filled with Stella. Of course, I didn't know something as amazing as her was coming my way so I couldn't quite put my finger on that constant ache in my heart. Sometimes it caused me to cry out of the blue and I couldn't explain why. I could have pooped my pants at any given second out of fear for the entire 9 months of my pregnancy. It was a ROUGH pregnancy too! I'm not even going to go there. (you da man Dr. Kuyper!)

When Stella was born I found myself crying a lot again. Okay, if you know me, you know that this is not that rare of a thing but let me explain. Even though I can cry at the drop of a dime, these tears were different. I could just look at her and they would fall down my face. I didn't even get that lump in my throat that I have got so good at swallowing. I wasn't even given a chance to say "no" when Gage asked me "are you crying?" I literaly could look at her and FEEL the Love of God. Her perfect little self that was really mine was like God giving me a giant hug and saying "this is how much I love you." Tears. Lots of them.

Everyday with Stella gets sweeter and sweeter. I love watching her amazing big bro take care of her and the way Holly treasures the little sister she begged God for. I love hearing Gage say "I miss Stella" when she's sleeping and seeing how excited she gets to see each and every one of us. Every milestone she hits is bittersweet. Half of me is screaming STOP GROWING when the other half is cheering CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT IS NEXT!

Our family was pretty darn happy before. Stella is just the icing on the cake. Really yummy icing.

If you like baby videos:
My little baby comedian lives to make people laugh. She knows exactly how to do it and enjoys it very much. Therefore, I give you, Stella's new trick. We call it the excited baby shake. I don't know if the video will do justice to what is seriously the most hillarious part of the Cobb Mobb's life right now. When she gets excited she makes tight fists and shakes while holding her breath. (you can picture it) In case I haven't mentioned before, Stella is a VERY happy baby and gets excited a lot. I.E. funniest part of our life.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Great Sambino

My only son, Sammy, is going to be 10 in March. Double digits. I realize how rediculous that sounds when I typed it out. I already know that I look young, too young, but I understand that I will continue to hear it for many more years, so I just grin and bear it.

Don't worry, I'm not going to use this blog to brag about my only son. I could, and that would be fun, but I won't. This here is the cold hard truth.

I had Sammy when I was 19. Boom! There it is. I was 19. I didn't ask for a baby and I was, quite honestly, very ashamed that I was having one. I had 3 people very close to me at the time that longed to be a mother and would have given anything to be pregnant. Knife in my heart. And theirs.

I had an incredibly supportive family and one really awesome baby daddy. So 10 years later, here I am, I have a little boy in my life that I would die for. I mean, this kid is not all roses BELIEVE ME but he is my only son and I would die for him. God knew EXACTLY what He was doing.

Sam has lots of nicknames. Sammy, Sam, luggage(you know, samsonite luggage?), Mr. Nicker (???- my sisters?), Sammy Boy, Samuleson, and my personal favorite...the one he gave himself: The Great Sambino! I just about peed my pants when I saw that self proclaimed nickname on his profile he made at school. Okay, so maybe I did pee. Don't judge me. I'm sure this nickname has nothing to do with his love for baseball, his rather large collection of baseball cards, or the fact that he watches "Sandlot" once a week. GOD I LOVE THIS KID!

Sammy is also a smart little fella. He's gifted. Being gifted sounds much cooler than it actually is. Remember the kid in school growing up that never paid attention in class, didn't complete any assignments, was constantly distracted and distracting others but got straight A's and you wanted to punch them? That's my son. Props to his 2nd grade teacher for being the first outsider to meet him and NOT tell me he has ADD. I will love her for the rest of my life.

By the way, Sammy like really kinda majorly loves me. He's a mama's boy, no doubt about it. He may have a hard time focusing on daily tasks, have a short fuse, be extremely stubborn, and inherited his dad's analytical "strength," but I'm pretty sure he would die for me too.

I will never get sick of hearing "you're the best mom in the world" or "I'll never let anything happen to you" come out of his mouth. He has a heart of gold when it comes to the people he loves. Just don't cross him because he kinda holds grudges.

I mean seriously, are those brown eyes kiling anyone else or is it just me!!???

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Aside from my amazing husband and children, my favorite part of my life, no question, is my 3 sisters. I am getting tickle attacks just thinking about them! (that's what we call it when we get super excited and there are no words. They know)

My older sis, Mandy, is my best friend. There WAS a (short) period of life - sometime between 15 and 16 - when she thought I didn't like her. She was boy crazy. And I'm being generous. We shared a room our entire life. Entire life. I put up with lots of annoying phone conversations, costume changes, SINGING!, and hours in front of the mirror. At the end of the day, she was always my best friend and that trumped all. What girl doesn't look up to their big sis? She's taught me a lot about what it means to be a bride of Christ.

She left for College and I cried. A lot. Starting on the plane ride home. I got myself into a bit of a pickle while she was away (another entry, another day) and she moved home to my rescue without looking back. (unless you count her moving back 2 years later) Anyway..
We've planned weddings together, raise kids together, work together, carpool almost everywhere, we live 1.75 minutes from eachother and wouldn't dream of going 1 day without communicating our daily schedules to eachother. Bottom line - life without her would just plain suck.

I have 2 younger sisters who would definately tell you they are eachother's BF's. They are precious to me in their own ways.

Okay, twist my arm. I'll tell you about them too!!!

Mackenzie, (on the right) is 6 years younger than me. When I see my daughters together (Holly, 7 and Stella, 8mo) I see me and Mack when we were little. I was SO proud of our little spud Mackenzie. Just like Holly is of Stella. Mackenzie always was and 100% still is a little mama. So nurtering and tender hearted. I'm not kidding, her heart is amazing. If you know her, you are nodding along in agreement with me. She has the ability to see the best in everyone.

When Mackenzie was a teenager, I used to brag to my friends about her and say that she wasn't your average teen! She could give two poops about boys, parties, or any other nonsense teens take part in. She would ditch any party for a game night with the fam or Hannaha Montana marathon with her neices. She was also the most in demand babysitter in the entire city of Omaha. Did someone say "Smurfs" is in the theaters!? She's on it! Gather up all nieces, nephew, cousins, and small children in the entire metro area, Kenzie Jo Jo is coming to pick them up!

Mackenzie loves the Lord and is going to rock the nations some day. Look out! This is a pic of her last summer right before she left for India.

Now, let me tell you about the red-headed caboose. I was 10 years old when baby Makayla was born. My first taste of motherhood. I, along with every member of my family, took care of her every need. I was, however, too young to understand that EVERYBODY thought their baby was the cutest in the world. I just really thought that WE had the cutest baby in the entire world. How nice of God to give our family the cutest and happiest baby in all existance. Judging from other people's reactions to her red curls, dimples, and constant smile- I knew they all agreed.

The motherly feelings I have toward Makayla only grew stronger as her little gumby (literaly) body grew. Even when I went off to college, I felt the need to drive home from Larry town every time there was a gymnastic meet. Oh and boy oh boy do I remember the day she turned in her "gymnast" sophie shorts for ones that said "dancer" on the butt! Oh yeah baby! I won't go into detail about Makayla's life as a dancer or the feelings I get in my heart when I watch her on stage. It's too beautiful to put into words. So here:

That's her standing.

10 years seems like a lot and it kinda was growing up. She's an adult now and the age gap seems insignificat. We work together and I have oodles of respect for her and the woman she has become. But I can't help feeling like ONE of her mom's. Whatever boy snatches her up has a lot of people to answer to. Just saying.

*side note: I'm pretty sure Makayla invented the saying "just saying."

Now it wouldn't be fair if I didn't tell you that we have one amazing brother that lands smack dab in the middle of us. He's kinda like a super hero and we all love him. A lot. A year and a half ago he gave us the best present in all the world. ANOTHER SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We LOVE fun Betty!

I can't even think of my sisters without smiling. Sisters ARE the best thing since sliced bread.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolution

So I know I've said (to myself) lots of different resolutions for 2012 but I'm not actually taking myself very seriously.  I'm going to pray more, read more, watch less, eat less, exercise more, yeah, yeah, yeah.  Same crap different day. 

Soooo... finally a resolution I'm super psyched about:  BLOGGING!  For the last 10 years of my life people have been telling me "you have to write that down!"  Boo-ya.  I'm on it people!

I'm also starting this blog because I have 3 super funny kids.  I'm talking, split my gut, make my side hurt, stand up comedians on a daily basis.  These kids are funny.  And cute, but we can get to that later.  I actually have no idea if anyone will ever read this but I'm not too worried about it.  I don't know anything about the details of blogging (yet!) but I'm pretty sure I'll have these entries forever?  That's all I need! :)

Lots of updates and figuring out this baby to come.  Stay tuned friends.  My only brother is in town today and we are going to meet my beautiful new niece, Pippa.  We have 2 days left of winter break and plan on making the most of it!  Happy New year to you all and here's to keeping our resolutions!