Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Perfect Ten

It's September which means that birthday festivities are among us! Holly turned 10 and her birthday is her everything. Somehow someway, she turned TEN.

This girl. I'm tellin ya. She's just so awesome and I want to slow time down so badly. Keeping her little is like trying to hold water in your hands.  She may be double digits now but she's still got some little girl left in her. She rides bikes and plays school. She loves sidewalk chalk and hates brushing her hair. She cries when it storms and misses me when I work.  This childhood ain't over yet so I'm gunna keep snapping memories and posting them to find someday when I'm missing my 10 year old.

Dear God,
Whatever happens from this day forward,  PLEASE don't let these freckles fade.
Thanks in advance.

Just like ever other year, Holly didn't ask for anything specific for her birthday. Just one thing. The same thing she always asks for: a kick ass party.

Okay so those are my words.  Sweet Holly girl just said "A SLEEPOVER!!!"

A sleepover is what Holly asks for every year but she always gets a firm NO.  Then we move on to plan B.  We've had some really awesome plan B's!  Read about them here:

9th birthday
8th birthday

Those were some great parties. However, you only turn to double digits once so we up'd the ante and went with the sleepover party. Very little sleep was involved.

Her friends spoiled her rotten and it really was a blast.  They played school for hours and maxed the volume on the jambox the entire night. We ate s'mores , decorated pillow cases, painted nails, had a midnight snack and watched a movie.

Then the dance party resumed at 7am.

Here's the problem with trying to take a pic with a bunch of dancers and the photographer is their dance teacher...

Everyone wants to be in the front.

Holls, your first (and last) sleepover birthday party was worth the exhaustion! I'm so thankful for you. It's been a fantastic decade.  Cheers to being 10!

Happy birthday my sweet girl!

Monday, August 18, 2014


From this point forward I'm going to refer to Summer 2014 as "what the H-E-double hockey sticks was that!?" In fact, I'll just hashtag summer2014 in reference to every sucky thing.  Capeesh?

It's only funny because life in general is actually fantastic.  I really should explain that we have so much to be thankful for.  We love our house and adore Gretna.  We have met so many wonderful people that will definitely be life long friends. My kids are at an all time point of happiness.  Gage loves his job and has so much time left in his weeks for QT with us.  His hidden wood working talent has been our favorite lately.  Home improvement projects were our addiction before #summer2014 hit.  I also love coaching way more than I thought I would.  Gretna is really starting to feel like home. This town is so adorbs.

While I'm certainly not sad to see #summer2014 out the door, I can't deny the forever memories we've made.  In fact, I'm still smiling every time I think about Gretna Days.  Especially that parade. As faithful Labor Day Parade go-ers, I just can't get over how much the town respects that parade.  As they should.

I'm still overstimulated from the street dance so I'll skip that a one.  Maybe next year I'll be able to put that night (morning?) into words.

It was also our first time attending the Sarpy County Fair which only meant one thing: the animal scramble.  Yes, Holly caught a bunny.  Yes, we kept it.  For 2 days.  Then it headed to the bunny farm down the road.  Thanks, Zeleny's.  Like for everything.

I also spent nearly a week in Vegas which is always entertaining.  It was a total work trip and I mean TOTAL but I did get to experience my first Vegas nightclub.  Pretty sure we only got in because we had Brooke Buda with us.  (Hi, Buda!). She looked hot and fashion is not my kryptonite.  I stayed for 20 minutes then went to bed.  #summer2014

Related:  I won 40 bones on the penny slots.

 Clearly Holly had a fab summer.  She spent endless nights with friends while I was gone.

Nothing tragic happened this summer and we are better people right now, I'm sure of it.  I'm just exhausted.  God has certainly stretched me this summer.  Literally.  I worked what felt like 16 hour days.  My body is sore and my brain is fried.  But my heart is happy.  I didn't go to the pool or sleep in  (#summer2014) and I cried a lot.  I re-evaluated friendships and fell deeper in love with my husband.  I listened to friends share stories of their sucky summer and watched God carry them through some redic tough times.

Today is Monday and day 3 of the 2014-2015 school year.  I have a 4th grader and a 7th grader.  I also have a little girl who begs me to let her go to school everyday.

Oh, sweet child of mine.  This morning we slept in.  We watched morning cartoons and ate cheetos for breakfast.  In a few hours we are frickin going to the pool and we will probably be the only ones there.  Tonight I'm making dinner for the first time in forever (#summer2014) and everyone will eat it.  Sam and Holly will ride the bus home from school then ride their bikes around the neighborhood  till it's dark.  No case of the Mondays around here.  I'm calling today a win.

I'm thankful for #summer2014.  I have clear perspective going into this school year.  My work load has decreased tremendously and I'm excited for what's to come.  I love schedules and organization.  I also love consistency.  All of which are making an appearance in my life again!  My niece is expected to make her debut anytime now!  Holly turns double digits in 3 weeks and she's been planning this sleepover for 4 years.  I can almost smell the pumpkin flavored everything!!!! I promise I've never been this pumped for the Fall season.  Clearly I need to simmer down but #summer2014 will do that to ya.

Friday, June 20, 2014


I miss blogging and I miss taking pictures.  Not the iPhone kind but the real deal.  I'm such a sucker for memories and these 1st world problems are getting the best of me.  My house is full of empty picture frames and half finished scrapbooks.  When my kids get married, I'll probably have to hand over their childhood memories in the form of hard drives, old phones, websites and a list of passwords where all their photos are stored.  Sometimes this stresses me out.  As if they won't know then how much I love them now.

I adore this crazy and busy life we lead but every once in a while I panic that it's going too fast.  I'm coaching a high school dance team and some of these kids will actually still be there at the same time as my own.  I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around that because coaching has brought up so many memories of my OWN high school years.  And that felt like yesterday.

I'm feeling sentimental today and maybe it's because I'm another year older and wiser. (???). I turned 32 last week but Gage said I looked the same.  I don't know.  Maybe it's the heat getting to me or my new nail polish fumes but I FEEL older.  It also could be the attempted toe touch.  The verdict is still out.

Anyway, I won't lie about being hesitant to take this coaching role on.  Moms, you know that feeling of being pregnant with your second child and fearing that you won't love it like your first?  Turns out, ND is my Sammy and GHS is my Holly.  Luckily, I love them both.  And beyond the love, I care.  A whole bunch of caring.  Sometimes caring so much is tiring and I'm exhausted, ya'll!

You see why I panic?  Sometimes being a mom takes strategry.  For example, I received no personal satisfaction from "running" the Color Run last weekend with Holly but it filled her quality time cup and that made it worth it.

Here's a picture of me earning the largest jewel in the crown I'll wear in heaven:

We cheated.

I think it's natural for us moms to beat ourselves up when we can't do it all.  Like I feel tiny ounces of guilt having Sam babysit Stella so much this summer.  But then I see her grab his hands, look up at him, and with her raspy voice, say "dance with me Sammy."  In that moment my heart is a puddle on the floor.

Someday I'll open this blog up with my kids and we will laugh and cry over the memories.  (Hi kids!)
I hope older and wiser me knows that it's okay that I couldn't do it all.  As for now, I'm just a mom living in a very real world where I'm bursting with love for my children.  I'm thankful to be going through life with a man who knows what it feels like to love them as much as I do.

Don't get fancy, just get dancy.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Calm before the storm

You hear that?  Man, I love silence.  I'm sitting on my porch listening to birds and enjoying this perfect weather because I can.  But only for like 4 more days.

Summer is upon us and it's always bittersweet.  You see, summer is obvi the best season EVER but my work load quadruples.  There won't be much downtime but when there is, we will find water and submerge ourselves deeply.

Speaking of water! My girl got baptized last weekend.

I'm so proud of this kid it's crazy.  Her heart is precious.  She loves Jesus so deeply and I love watching her mature in her faith.  She's a keeper for sure.

As the recital storm approaches, I'm feeling excited to spend so much time with Holly! This is her first year to be in all SEVEN shows.  I'm going to be living it right there with her and I wouldn't want it any other way.  Also, Stella is scheduled to make an appearance during Mini show 1.  No promises on that one.  She's one monkey that is not amused by jumping on the bed.  She would rather assemble the blankets and pillows to their proper positions.

More on the recitals later.  Pinky promise.  Mostly because I haven't taken a single picture of Holly in her costumes this year.  Look out Russ and the backstage crew!

Until then, here's a pic of Holls in her new room. We still haven't hung her curtains or shelves above her bed but she doesn't seem to mind. :)

It's T-2 days till summer vacay and the Cobb kids are ready!  Sam has big plans to hit up all the town hot spots with friends.

When I say DOLLAR, you say GENERAL!

If you see a trail of middle school boys on bikes, that's probably where they're headed.

I've also decided to have a hand at coaching Gretna's High School dance team.  Because, why not?  Even though working 2 jobs is not m'jam, teaching and coaching talented girls IS!  Plus, I love hearing adorable words that I haven't heard in a solid decade like "home routine" and "fight song."  This is going to be so awesome.  I mean...I'm going to dance team camp this summer!  And then I'm going straight to Vegas.  (Insert emoji of lady in red dress, flying money, and crazy face) JK, it's a work trip.  Oh, West Coast Dance Explosion, how I've missed thee.

That's it for now, friends! Won't have much time for the blog this summer so if you want to follow the   quick and dirty version, find me on Instagram.  @missycobb

Happy Summer! It's gonna be great.

Monday, May 12, 2014


My baby turned three last week.  I'm forcing myself to blog the memory of her 3rd birthday because before today I didn't take a single picture of her or buy her any presents.  Don't feel sorry for her though, I found an old unopened doll of Holly's that we wrapped up.  And the family spoiled her at her party.  Yes, we DID have a party. You can assume that we are in the middle of a home improvement project and as uncomfortable as that is for me, a little party never killed nobody.  So we went halfsies on the living room walls and invited family over to celebrate our 3 year old!  Worse part of the party was when everyone left and Stella bawled her eyes out.  She stood at the front door, screaming at everyone not to leave because then her birthday would be over.   It was super hard not to laugh especially when she said "I just want them to be happy for me!"  Umm okay, Stella.
You turned 3 not 16.

She's so awesome.

An open letter to my 3 year old:

Stella Rose,

You have no idea how much joy you have brought into our lives.  We love everything about you.  God sure knew what he was doing when you were born.  You make us all laugh everyday with the funny things you say.  You are such a mature and loving little girl.  I love how much your friends and family mean to you.  You REALLY love your people.   Everything you do is done with caution and well thought out.  You give amazing 5 minute hugs and love being outside.  When you get really excited, you cover your mouth with your fingers so delicately and it's adorable.  As girly as you are, you wear that crazy hair and raspy voice well.  I really can't believe that you are already 3! Time is going too fast.  I love my big girl Stella but miss my baby Stella.  As you grow, I'm amazed at your imagination.  I could watch you play all day long.  Right now, you have your princess toys lined up and I noticed you named them "Kenzie, Kayla, and Grandma."  See what I mean? You are hilarious!
This may have been the last year I can get away with re-gifting presents for you and I'm cool with that.  You're big now.  Even on the days you decide to "just wear a diaper." This mama don't care.  I'm soaking in every last second of childhood with you.  At 3 years old, your favorite things are Doc McStuffins, anything related to Frozen, and Fancy Nancy (hallelujah! I've missed her!).  Stella Rose, we all love you to the moon and back! I'm ecstatic to be your mommy. That's fancy for happy. :)

Happy birthday, Sunshine!

Read about her 1st and 2nd birthday celebrations here and here.

Monday, April 28, 2014


There hasn't been a whole lot to blog about lately other than the 15 million unfinished projects we got up in here.  We are head over heels in love with our new home and the entire town of Gretna.  There is a train that passes through faithfully that we've grown attached to and I decided my new life goal is to ride that choo choo.  CHOO CHOO!

So far, Stella's never met a train she didn't love so she FREAKS with excitement when she hears it.  Small town is fun.  However, I realized last week that I sincerely miss the employees at Stony Brook HyVee.  While I HAVE noticed that the Gretna Walmart is much less disgusting than the others, I really took for granted their helpful smile in every aisle.  I mentioned before that there is ONE teeny tiny grocery store in town and I've made one trip there for one item.  I'm almost positive I won't do that again.  There were 3 people in there (including me and the one employee) and they watched my every move. 

*Hi, other 2 people at McKinny's!  Yes, I already cooked that box of Mac and Cheese I bought on April 21st. 

We are still settling in and unpacking rather slowly.  Well.  Slowly in my eyes.  My family thinks I'm a ninja so they would probably tell a different tale.  Sam's room is up and running and it's pretty studly if I do say so myself.  The girls' rooms are 90% complete and that remaining 10% is driving me nuts.   Stella's room is a shabby chic theme and Holly's is not pink.  Every time I look in Holly's room, I'm reminded that she's not little anymore.  She's outgrown pink and has a giant mirror above her dresser for taking selfies.  I mean for getting ready.

Because it's totally out of my comfort zone to show you my unfinished projects, I'll start with Sam's man cave. Here's a quick basement tour where you'll find the play station always left on and the toilet seat always up:

Confession:  I haven't used my big girl camera since Christmas.  These pics were all taken with my iphone.  I'm sure you don't care but I kinda do.  So.  Glad that's out.

Hey, Son!  See that TV mount?  You're not getting one.  Sweet dreams!
I laugh every time I come down here and see our 32 in TV in what appears to be a custom made cabinet for a television WAY bigger than our budget.  Also, a new TV is at the very bottom of our priority list.  The far left corner is Holly's school area.  It's not finished either.

Those are some big empty walls.  I promise I won't leave them like that.
The man bath
Well, there ya  have it.  Post 1 of our new home.  Anyone is welcome to come over and if you head downstairs, do you mind doing me a solid and putting the toilet seat down?  Thanks, friends!

P.S. Hi, new neighbors!  Thanks for reading. :)

P.P.S. Sam is killing it on the field this year.  There is a dad of a boy on his team that is taking AMAZING pics at every game.  I can't even pretend to take credit for these photos.  I know you're on the edge of your seat so I'll share a few of my faves.  Also, their team's home field is 20 seconds from our house and that is obviously why it backs up to a corn field.  It's precious.

Maybe now I can fill those empty frames in his room!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Men

OMG I totally forgot to blog about Gage on his birthday!

April Fools.

You seriously think I would forget to toast to that stud?  I mean, I might be late but forget I will not.

Gage?  Since I'm throwing this sucker together on my phone and since I have zero pictures of you on it, the bar is set low.  However, as I sit in my eerily quiet new house and watch Stella walk around singing "Let it go" with a blanket tied around her neck like a cape, I'm thinking of all the reasons I'm grateful for you.  Holy Smokes there are a lot.

For example:

Thanks for giving our kids a shot at longer legs and better hair than I could give them.  Stella is freakishly tall for her age and it makes me super happy.  Cobb genes rule.

Also, thanks for moving me up in the alphabet.  I've never told you this but after being stuck in the middle for so many years, I feel really powerful being in the front and our kids rock that alphabetical order.  All props to you. C for life!

I'm also glad that you appreciate my daily wardrobe of leggings or sweats.  Comfort is key.  I used to think it was odd that you wanted to wear suits everyday but now that I'm older and wiser I think you're pretty fly for a white guy.

I also kinda dig your brain.  You're super smart and complicated and I find it attractive.  Thank you for literally knowing everything there is to know.

I love you and I like you.  No April foolin' there.

Happy (late) 33rd birthday, Sweets.

In related news: Sammy had a golden birthday on March 12th. I missed another GOLDEN blogging opportunity. Ba-dum-dum-CHING!

Anyway, he turned 12, we moved, he changed schools, he got a new room, he's making friends and loves his baseball team.  He's practically a teenager.  He's basically walking on water through life right now.

Here's a preview of his man cave:

We are still swimming in boxes around here so I'll be back when I can with more pics of this house that I frickin love.

Until then, Happy Birthday to my other Sweets!
Aunt Kenzie, we love you and your unborn child!!! ��